Our Mission
Our mission is to facilitate progress in the ongoing process of collective awakening through educating, inspiring, and uniting.
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Join us on our first Ascend Journey!
Join our group of Ascenders as we embark on this experience of exploration, discovery, and celebration.
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Tune into Awaken, the Offical Podcast of Ascend
On Awaken, Bryan Henry explores the experiences and ideas of thought leaders and experts of various fields to support you in improving your state of health, heightening your state of consciousness, and manifesting abundance in your life.
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Ascenders are those that strive to attain to lead on a higher plane of consciousness, so that they may provide the world with their greatest gifts. In doing this, we find fulfillment in our lives.

The Ascenders Facebook Group is a place to connect and share wisdom and experience that will help others on their journey of wellness, growth, and self-discovery. Join us, and begin living a life of vitality, peace, and fulfillment.

Together, Ascenders contribute to the prosperity of our world. Together we ascend.