4 Steps for Overcoming Fear, and Coming Out of the Lightworker Closet

4 Steps for Overcoming Fear, and Coming Out of the Lightworker Closet

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You’re awakening. 

You’re on a beautiful spiritual journey and you’ve  begun to discover who you truly are, and what you want to grow into. You’ve been learning so much, seeing so much change in yourself, and have developed a knowing many won’t in this lifetime. 

But you feel stuck and alone.

You feel as if your gifts and knowledge are at a halt! Your spiritual gifts and energy aren’t being shared and expressed how you know they could be… because there’s fear – fear of being judged by loved ones, fear of sounding strange, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being understood, fear of losing friends. 

You’re feeling alone, disconnected, and unfulfilled because you feel like you can’t be who you truly are, and you’re not connecting with those in your physical life anymore.

But you’re not alone. Believe me, you’re not the only one who feels this way. 

You’re unique – different. You’re intuitive and have a knowing that there’s so much more you’re here for; you’re a lightworker, a starseed. Your fear of expressing who and what you truly are has been programmed into your experience and it is time to upgrade your outdated programming

  1. Become Aware

Practice becoming aware of where your early programming began. Become aware that you are running cycles because of how you initially experienced the form of fears or judgements. 

Most, if not all of our fears and judgements stem from our childhood traumas. And I use the word trauma because these fears are that deeply rooted in your being.  

What the traumas spread into are stories – stories you then call your life and this never changes, you believe and accept it as fact. Ask yourself why you are afraid of the things you’re afraid of. Ask yourself why you hate or dislike something. See what you dig up.

Why does it bother me to speak in public? Why am I shy? Why am I quiet? Why do I feel awkward doing this? Why do I always say sorry? Why don’t I feel like I’m capable? Why don’t I like to try certain foods?  

As a child I was told my older sibling is smarter than me because she gets A’s in school and I got B’s and C’s. From this, I subconsciously dimmed myself and my intellect because I thought if you were older or received better grades in school than you are more capable in every regard than I. I never told myself I was smart. I was never able to accept compliments of my intelligence and would respond with, “No, I’m not smart at all.” If I was asked for my opinion on a subject, I would redirect it to someone else I thought was more capable of answering than me. I never accepted credit for anything because I never felt I was smart enough. This was my trauma. This was the story I repeatedly told myself and others; I lived my teenage years reinforcing this fear without realizing it.

As a child,  I didn’t learn how to release these emotions associated with my fear of being too ‘dumb’. I wasn’t taught how to express my emotions appropriately – and so I never healed. There was no awareness in where my fears of being judged of my intelligence came from, so how would I begin to heal this? How would I better myself? I’m willing to bet we all have traumas we’re unaware of and thus fears we don’t know how to heal.

By continuing to tell ourselves stories rooted in the past, we reinforce these traumas. 

If you were looked down upon and got yelled at a lot by your parents/guardians, you may find yourself to be a very quiet and anxious person. You may be someone who apologizes often, unnecessarily. You may even look down on yourself. You may feel bad for things that are out of your control.

What traumas have you encountered and what program are you still running? 

Bring your awareness to them. When you are aware of your program you can then intentionally heal and change them for your benefit, for your growth, for yourself.

2. Acknowledge

After coming into awareness of your programs, you can begin healing the trauma at the root – acknowledge the pain, realize it is there. Acknowledge your emotions, your reactions and especially how your body feels when the pain and emotions arises.

Drop into your body.

The healing process is  a meditation; close your eyes and, with intention, notice your body. Bring your attention into your body. Can you feel any sensations? Where is it located in your body? What does the sensation feel like? Feel into tightness or tensions around your head, arms, chest, stomach, thighs. Notice pulsing or more tingling sensations. This is the acknowledgement of pain and stories that needs to be healed –  we must be present with the fear, anxiety, and resistance, opposed to running away from it.

Check in with your body when you’re feeling angry – notice your heart racing, your face turning hot, the knot in your stomach, or the lump in your throat. When you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed, notice the tightness of your chest, the clenching of your jaws, the pulsating around your forehead. 

How does your body feel when you’re sad? How does it feel when you’re stressed? Check-in.

When you talk about spirituality, when you bring up intuition or a knowing, when you say that you meditate, when you suppress your desire to bring up aliens and 5D… how does your body feel? Bring awareness to the discomforts that are present in your body. Truly allow yourself to see and feel how you’re reacting emotionally and physically. 

Describe it. Explain it. Practice acknowledging these feelings. 

Once you learn to  acknowledge your body’s reactions, you can begin to heal the tensions immediately before they become the traumas.

3. Accept & Transmute

What are your thoughts? What’s repeating in your mind?

They will think I’m weird. They will laugh at me.They will call me crazy.’ 

Realize that their opinion of you, doesn’t create YOUR reality because that power is in your hands.

Who do you believe is judging you? Who’s ‘they’?

‘My family. My friends. My coworkers. The people online.’ 

They aren’t living the path you’re on. They aren’t meant to be in your presence and enjoy the immense love you have to offer if they can’t accept who you are and that this is your truth.

It’s understandable that you care what your family and friends think. But realize that they don’t have to live with the decisions you make with how you live your life, and the person you choose to be… but you do. 

Set boundaries for yourself, and most importantly, love yourself first. The only way to spread, share and be love is to love yourself first – wholly and truly. And loving yourself means allowing yourself to be your authentic self. 

Stay with the sensations and the thoughts, with curiosity. 

Bring a sense of curiosity to the sensation, exploring it like it’s the first time you’ve ever had this experience. What is it like, right now? Can you stay with it for longer? Can you find gratitude for it? Can you be open, relaxed, even joyous with it?

Choose to express and choose to be happy doing so.

Acknowledgement and acceptance are the stepping stones into strengthening LOVE – self love, compassion and empathy.

Continuing down your healing journey, you’ll notice how much more aware you are of yourself and your being, so when emotions arise, you confidently address them. 

Learn to dance with the chaos.

Feeling this uncertainty and discomforts you’ve held onto, you can begin to dance. Literally, you can dance — let your body move those discomforts away as you do the healing work. But also figuratively, you are playing with this uncertainty of a healing process, dancing with the chaos, having fun with whatever you normally run from. Let it be a game, let it be joyful, let it be an adventure.

What if you attract those who love what you share? What if so many others resonate with your truth and you have the most positive outcome? What if you attract the community you want to be a part of? What if you feel more whole and happy? Because this is all possible!

Fixating on the relationships that may no longer serve you might cause you to miss out on the relationships and growth that are ready for you and all your worth! Step into this existence. 

Shift your attention to all the things that could work in your favor and help the collective rise by sharing your truths.

This makes way for transmuting the discomforts into a mere experience and deeper knowing of yourself – a stronger relationship with self love.

Now that you’re feeling more into yourself with confidence, notice how much lighter you feel – how much more love you allow to flood into your being and your experience just by accepting the fears and pains. Bask into these good feelings too! 

Happiness is underrated! 

We go through the ugly, negative experiences so we can truly understand and appreciate the beautiful, happy, positive experiences! Your darkness is going to become your journey of strength.

Relinquish the fear of being judged by others and those around you by finding out where that fear stems from.

Don’t be afraid to speak your truths and values because of a box you’ve been keeping yourself in – you are the creator of your own reality. What others may say or think is their business, not your’s.

Forgive yourself for what you were taught as a child, and make the conscious effort to deprogram what no longer serves you. It’s a journey because emotions are something we came into this state to experience – don’t shy away and shut down your ability to FEEL. It is a beautiful thing to be able to feel so much joy, happiness and compassion but also sadness, anger and pain. We are to experience both to understand them in depth – darkness illuminates light. 

4. Ascend

As you speak your truth, you lead by example for those who are asleep. For those who are afraid. For others who will resonate with what you share. For  our collective’s ascension. 

Be confident in who you are and step into your divine light!

Are you feeling good? Are you feeling less dense? Are you flowing? Are you feeling into yourself and your truths right now? Is love, compassion and unity your thing?! Good, because at the Ascend Academy this is what we’re all about – a community  of lightworkers who are shedding fears, connecting and learning from one another, and together raising the vibration of the collective…and  this all begins with you.

We invite you to apply now if you’re ready to step into your purpose as a lightworker.

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