A Deeper Understanding of the Ascension Process with Lorie Ladd | Awaken Ep. 33

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Lorie Ladd is and has been an absolute powerhouse of a player in our collective’s ascension process. The way that she has been serving, and the effect that she has been having as an ascension teacher is seen and felt in the 350 videos she has posted on YouTube to date. I think the 85,000+ subscribers that her channel has amassed attests to this.
As someone who is deeply committed to trusting her guidance and doing what she came here to do (“I do it because I have to“) she is the perfect example of what it means to be in service. And with this ability to trust, she has been able to channel a great amount of information regarding our ascension, some of which we get to hear about in this episode.
As both Lorie and I believe believe it’s important that we do as teachers, we also made sure to make things practical. Our conversation circled around the importance of how through cultivating trust and a sense of fullness, we manifest a greater and more graceful experience.
Finally, we bring it back full circle as we dive into a deeper understanding of the shift we are undergoing in our bodies and how we experience reality through the ascension process. If you’ve been awakening to this shift occurring within yourself, and have remembered your mission to serve in collective planetary ascension, you’re going want to tune into this episode of the Awaken podcast as we dive into this deeper understanding.

What Lorie and I Discuss In This Episode:

  • The planetary consciousness, Gaia’s journey as a “fallen consciousness” and the ascension process she is undergoing in the rebirthing as a 5D consciousness
  • Lori’s story with learning to trust in the guidance and do what she came here to do
  • the importance of choosing to believe and being okay with it not being true
  • how through full embodiment and knowing/feeling yourself to be whole, you may manifest your desires and a greater experience
  • why/how it’s the body that is ascending, not “you”
  • understanding and observing the shift we are going through in the ascension process

Our Guest: Lorie Ladd

Lorie is an ascension teacher and channel for Multi-Dimensional Channel. She knew at the age of 13 that she was here to assist humanity through the ascension. It wasn’t until 1995 while at a workshop in Mount Shasta, she was shown her role and 2015 that she committed to her work her on the Earth Plane.
Today. Lorie connects you to your Guides and Family of Light, assists you in the remembrance of who you are and why you are her and provides tools and guidance during this planetary shift in consciousness. She is a bridge between you and your Family of Light, providing a deeper understanding of why you are here now. 
Lorie dedicates her life to assisting humanity in this planetary shift.

Resources Mentioned:

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