Proposing A More Harmonious Approach to Money & Transparent Approach to Business

Proposing A More Harmonious Approach to Money & Transparent Approach to Business

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Our collective experience of money has been a point of conflict, fear, and separation. Much of the self-serving/egoic-driven desires that are being acted upon today are tied to the desire to obtain more money. Still, many are being distracted from the love that they are, because of fears/desires around money.
The fear of not having enough, the attachment to having more, these programs can suppress in us a higher, more authentic, and more  at-peace expression of ourselves as individuals. Collectively, this can manifest as a disharmonious experience where fear is driving individuals to act in protection of their lower selves, in contrast to being their greatest gift to the All.
The choice is between love and fear, and I don’t think many would deny that our collective consciousness is currently afflicted by fears around money.
But this is certainly not the only thing that money has been. Money has also been involved with feelings of empowerment, expansion, and creative joy. This symbol of value has helped meditate energy exchanges that has positively supported our collective and society’s growth. Capitalism has played a positive role in the realms of technological advancement. In our freedom, we have the opportunity to direct our money where we choose to, which when done from an aligned place, reflects where we most truly believe it deserves to go. We cast votes towards what we spend on and the initiatives/organizations that provide service that we support and wish to receive from. This opportunity has helped our society to fuel many positively serving endeavours.
There are a myriad of people and organizations in this world that are doing amazing contributive work, while using business as a vehicle for positive change/growth. Money (again a symbol) has helped organize/meditate this.
With where we’re ultimately headed, I don’t believe money will always be necessary for us to continue to expand. I reach for a world in which all individuals are willingly stepping forward in the giving of their own unique gifts, and in support of the All. Call me a dreamer (I am), but I know that this collective can someday actualize this state of Unity Consciousness.
But up until this day, I believe that money will continue to play a role in our expansion and act as a stepping stone towards this experience. I also believe that I must be the change that I wish to see in the world. This is why I have been undergoing a radical transition in how I think about and approach money in my endeavours. In the essence of Unity Consciousness, authenticity, and service to our collective, I have made the decision to be completely transparent with the financial workings of this initiative.
What this means:

Full transparency/open-access to the following:

  • the sources and amounts of income coming into the business
  • how that income is being used/distribute, including both how team members are being compensated, as well as what is being reinvested into the business

And what we believe this will contribute towards..

In a world where individuals are consciously choosing to act in alignment with their highest truth and the highest good of all, there would be nothing to hide. And so, it seems to us that this more transparent approach to business could have some powerfully wide implications in organizations and the world, including:
  • more balanced and fair distribution of resources
  • reduced egoic/dysfunctional behaviour happening at the expense of others (and the planet)
  • increased trust in interactions and exchanges with customers and within the organization
  • greater harmony in collectively-decided upon choices
And thus, as a way of carving the way for we believe to be a more unity-oriented approach to business/money, Together We Ascend will be beginning to express this degree of transparency
On our mission to support the shift towards Unity Consciousness, Together We Ascend will be stepping forward as a leading example and greater expression of unity, by implementing a more transparent approach to business. that we are proposing that all other organizations consider. Will you join us?

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakening Leaders

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