A New and Higher Approach to (Y)Our Purpose

We are of Unconditional Love, Oneness, & Infinite Abundance. All of the evidence of my experience seems to be pointing me back to the knowing, that in our highest state of being, this is our true nature. For this reason, I’ve personally made it my greatest aim to embody these qualities as fully as I can, at all times.
I have taken this upon as being of my highest purpose, and I believe it is of yours too.  
I believe we are being called to put this this above our egoic desires, above what the small self gets out of it, and above what fear, scarcity, and separated based programming tries to pull us into. This is the choice to live in service to others. I know that many of you are already making this choice, and I want to thank those of you that are and that have been consciously doing the work (both inner and outer). You have been doing great.
I encourage you to make your purpose your priority not only because I believe that living for something bigger than yourself is simply the “right” thing to do, but because my experience over time has only strengthen the belief that this is also the means to one having the greatest experience that they can have for themselves. The more connected I have been to a sense of Oneness, the more aligned I am with serving my higher purpose, the more alive, fulfilled, and joyous I have felt.
That’s the great thing here; this isn’t at about denying our personal well-being and desires, in fact, it’s the complete contrary. Because, when we begin living in alignment with the highest good of All, that which is the greatest thing we could do for other  is one and the same with the greatest thing we could do for ourselves (our True Selves) Because, our True Selves are the expressions of ourselves that realizes the Oneness in all things, and sees themselves in all others.
Fulfilling your truest desires, enduring your greatest experience of reality, and serving your highest purpose are all of the same path. 
So family, I invite you to walk with me in taking on a new approach to living, being, and serving our higher purpose. 

The New Approach to Our Purpose

Now, the reason why I felt compelled to write this post was because I wanted to share about a transition that I, and the Ascend Academy, have been undergoing in relation to how we are serving our purpose and carrying out our mission in todays world. It is my hope that in doing so, I am able to inspire others to take on a similar approach, because it has become my belief that the more individuals/organizations that do so, the more fuel to the fire of our collective’s growth. I also believe that this is the direction that we are are being called into in the evolution of our species and collective consciousness.
In the essence of Unity Consciousness and serving the highest good of All, we’d like to announce the following news..

... You Can Undergo the Activation Process for Free (If You Wish)

The Activation Process is a 4-week/4-phase process that activates in an individual their higher purpose. Through a process of expanding one’s awareness, integrating one’s Higher Self, and reprogramming one’s state and subconscious beliefs, one comes out of this process with complete clarity around how they are being currently called to serve their purpose in the world.

Up until now, this process was one that the members of the Ascend Academy underwent, that entailed a set financial investment. In the essence of prioritizing our mission, we have made the decision to provide those who show strong commitment to the process and serving their higher purpose to choose their own price. We know that each and every lightworker that steps into being a fuller expression of their purpose serves the All, and so we are doing to ensure that one’s financial situation isn’t a deterring factor keeping this from happening.

If the 4-week process is completed within 6-weeks of enrolment, you get to decide what the experience was worth for you. At which point, you may request a full/partial refund (or give even more if you’d like) to account for this. W hope that this incentive provides you with both accountability to commit fully to your activation, and the flexibility to only give in return what is in alignment for you.

>> Click here to learn more/initiate your Activation Process.

2) Activated Ascend Academy memberships will now operate under a "Pay What's Aligned" model.

In the Academy we have been bringing together groups of powerful lightworkers in mastermind settings. In these containers we have been coming together to share and support one another in evolving into higher expressions of ourselves and our gifts. 

Activated Ascend Academy memberships and involvement in these groups are now offered via a “Pay-What’s-Aligned” model. Again, we are not making a set cost a conditional factor in the service we provide, and our giving individuals the opportunity to choose to give what is in alignment for them to.

Note: Membership into these groups are contingent upon acceptance through an application process. This helps us ensure that we maintain a high-level frequency within our sessions that best serves those involved.

>> Click here to learn more about/apply for an Activated Academy Membership

If you've been assisted by the content we have been creating and would like to offer an energy exchange, we are now open to receiving donations.

For the last few years I have personally been putting out a great deal of free content through the Awaken Podcast and on Youtube, and I don’t plan on stopping. I do this both as a labour of love, and because it’s what I’m being called to do.

As the Together We Ascend team expands both internally and in our community of Contributing Ascenders, who generously contribute content to our blog, you can expect greater  amounts of free content created in the interest of serving you.

If you’ve been enjoying and are being assisted by the conscious content we have been creating, we are now opening ourselves up to receive donations which we hope will provide us with greater energetic resources to continuing to do what we do and to greater degrees.

If you feel called to donate, know that all amounts are received with deep appreciation and an open here.

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And here are some avenues for you to check out if you’d like to explore what we’ve created for you:

I also do feel inclined to share that undergoing this transition has not been entirely easy for me, as I’ve witnessed in myself the questioning that if I forgo the traditional approach to building a business, will I really be able to be successful in 2 of my most important intentions: 1) growing this initiative and 2) giving my family the quality of life that they deserve.. But when I rise above this narratives come into the higher perspective, I know that there’s no need to be concerned. Because, I’ll say it once again, we are Beings of Unconditional Love and Abundance, and when we come from a heart-centered place and live in alignment with our true nature and purpose, our experience begins to reflect to us this fulfillment.
And so, I act above these programs and in service to others, and in alignment with highest good of All, and I do so with trust that this will support my family’s, my own, and our entire collective’s greatest experience. This is the new approach, and this is what I invite us all into.

We thank you for being here with us during these amazing and transitionary times. We hope that you do look upon our collective’s future with optimism and faith that we are heading in the right direction. The many individuals and organizations of our world who are doing work towards the betterment of it is all is a testament. So thank you again for all those that are in the intention of service to the All, as you know, we are in this together. #togetherweascend

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

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