A Practical Tool for Raising Your Vibration

A Practical Tool for Raising Your Vibration

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When we speak about raising our frequency, it is usually in the context of describing it as an elevation in our emotional state. And while it certainly is this, raising your vibration also entails so much more.
Sometimes, leaving it at just describing it as an improvement in emotional state, does little for one actually looking to elevate to higher frequencies. In times of feeling really stuck in an emotion, it can be tough to simply choose to feel better. 
The following is a simple and practical tool that one could use in aim of positively shifting their vibration.

Feeling into a Higher Vibration Sensationally

  1. Feel your energetic body. Without necessarily moving or physically touching something, we can feel our bodies in space. Feel your arms and shoulders in space, your chest, your torso, your legs and your feet. Feel the space between your eyes, the center of your forehead to the back of your head. If you notice, when you feel into these areas, you can feel a sense of them vibrating. This is your energetic body that exists in a constant state of vibration.
  1. Next, bring yourself to feel your entire energetic body all at once. Rather than narrowing your focus on just one particular area, feel everything. Know that you don’t need to put effort towards this. Relax into feeling, and simply observe the sensations.
  1. As you engage in this practice of bringing awareness to your energetic body vibrating, what you’ll find is that the vibrations that your feeling seemingly begins to vibrate faster – and it is. Still with little to no effort, by simply being aware of it, the vibration of your energy raises. This is you shifting to a higher frequency.
This practice of presence naturally lifts your frequency. This is because a higher frequency is always available and found in tuning more deeply into the Here and Now. Feeling into your energetic body acts as a gateway to the present moment, which also attunes you to a higher frequency.
You should notice that both during and after using this tool, that you’ll overall just feel better. Your emotional state will have elevated, your mind will be clearer, and you will feel more energized. This is how you feel into a higher vibration sensationally, and it is something you can do in any/this moment.

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