A Story of Hermetic Philosophy & Contemplating Reality with Paul Tokgozoglu | Awaken Ep. 34

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Every so often I’ll meet someone, and right of the bat feel like I’ve known them for years. This was the experience I had in first meeting Paul Tokgozoglu.
With all the interesting things that I found coming up in this first meeting, I felt inspired to pose the question, “what do you say we record a podcast episode right now, and just keep on talking?”. And with that, Paul (host of the Beyond Sapiens Podcast), and I flowed into this episode of Awaken.
What unfolded was something a little bit different than usual (though does this show really even have a “usual”?). In this episode, Paul tells us a really interesting story of the Medicini dynasty and a time in which power invoked awakening. The Medicini’s seem to be very involved with the dissemination of the teachings of Hermetic Philosophy, which very closely resembles and align with the New Thought/manifestation type thinking that many of us find ourselves exploring today. We are all One, you are the Infinite, thoughts create your reality… these ideas were largely being “first” discovered back in the time of this story. If you haven’t yet begun to dive down the rabbit hole of Hermeticism, you may very likely find yourself called to upon hearing what Paul has to share.
Join us as we inch our way to and into the rabbit hole of contemplating the nature of reality.

In this episode Paul and I Discuss:

  • the story of The House of Medici, a powerful political dynasty that sparked a shift of spiritual awakening in the Renaissance Era
  • the study of Hermetic philosophy,  the Kybalion, and The Corpus Hermeticum
  • Hermeticsm as a practice of contemplating the nature of reality

Our Guest: Paul Tokgozoglu

Paul is a coach and check-point for people who are going through a time of spiritual awakening and want to make sense out of their world.
His initiation onto the path of the Great Work came through Hermetic philosophy.
Through years of seeking and the help of many great teachers and friends, he has begun to feel a sense of urgency to share this information so that all may grow and learn together. He believes that by doing so, we can transmute the old energies of our world and create the more beautiful reality we all know is possible.

Resources Mentioned:

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