From Our Founder, Bryan M. Henry

From Our Founder, Bryan M. Henry

Hi there! I am the Founder of Ascend. I am also the host of Ascend’s official podcast, Awaken, and a Holistic Wellness Coach

I started off my career in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. I quickly excelled in the field, moved up in the ranks, and built a well-established clientele and business.

Working with my clients, I began to understand that beneath their goals of losing weight and transforming their bodies was a deeper yearning – the pursuit of rising to their potential and creating a fulfilling life. I knew I could help them more.

Fast-forward to today…

In aim of impacting a greater amount of people, I founded Ascend, and with the help of a dedicated team, we have grown it into what it is today: a brand that shares valuable knowledge and wisdom through mediums such as the Awaken podcast, and will be hosting the first of many live retreats, called Ascend Journeys, in 2018!

But neither of these things are at the core of what makes up Ascend. The foundation of Ascend rest on our community of Ascenders. The amazing people that have come together to make Ascend a place where we connect as One, to experience unconditional love and to move humanity in the direction of growth.

It is my dream to build a community of 1 million Ascenders, who are interested in joining us on our Ascend Journeys – groups trips to beautiful locations, where we are given the space to discover and connect with ourselves, each other, and the world.

- Bryan Henry