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Why we Do

We've lost touch...

Through the Industrial and Digital Ages, humanity made great accomplishments. We have taken to the skies, discovered the stars, and given rise to great structures.

But alongside making progress in these areas, new issues arose. Somewhere along the journey we lost touch from our truth.  This has resulted in the lack of fulfillment and sense of peace that pervades our society. There’s been something missing.

It’s important to remember that our own individual psyche is connected to — and influences — our species as a whole. When we undergo awakening as individuals, we contribute to the awakening of our whole species. Our own leap is part of the leap of our whole species. As more and more of us move toward wakefulness, the easier it becomes for others to do the same.

- Steven Taylor

Love and unity is what has been missing...

It is time we restore the connection we share with each other and the world. It is our birthright to come into this world to love and be loved.

When we reconnect with love for ourselves and others, the desire to serve and give back begins to burn brighter.  We all have a unique gift to bring into this world –  recognizing and then fulfilling this leads us on to the path of fulfillment. 

It is through individuals coming together and bringing forth their love and greatest gifts that propels us in a positive direction. 

It is time we awaken to our truth, and ascend to our potential.

What we Do

Ascend aims to contribute to the ongoing movement towards collective awakening, the shift to a more expansive and higher function state of consciousness. With awakening comes greater power, bliss, and a more full experience of love.

Through guiding and inspiring Ascenders to heighten their state of consciousness, we help individuals grow into being better able to provide the world with their greatest love and gifts.

We are powerful beyond measure..

What does heightened consciousness mean?

Consciousness: the state or quality of awareness of one’s surroundings or of something within oneself.

Thus, a heightened state of consciousness can be simplified to a state of greater awareness. In our context, we are referring to the awareness of the truths behind what we are and what we are capable of.

In a heightened state of consciousness, we:

  • experience a stronger connection with the world and people around us
  • feel a greater sense of inner quietness and peace
  • enhance our field of perception 
  • transcend identification with the ego-mind, and thus become more capable of letting go of the anxiety and stress that comes with it.
  • improve our ability to access our intuition, and thus become better able to move towards a direction that serves us.
  • improve our ability to heal both ourselves and others.

How do we heighten our state of consciousness?

Quantum physicist have observed that on a sub-atomic level we don´t find matter, rather, what exists is pure energy. Everything is made up of this same energy, and so, everything is One. This energy is referred to as many things: The Universe, The Unified Field, Source, God – it is all one of the same thing.

Everything that exists in our world carries an energetic frequency. Our energetic frequency is directly related to our state of consciousness – when one improves, so does the other.

When we resonate with things that have a high energetic frequency, it positively influences our own frequency. Thinking high vibratory thoughts, eating high vibratory foods, and being around high vibratory people are all are examples of things that benefit us in this way.

How We Do

Ascend endeavors to provide you the knowledge and tools that will allow you to heighten your state of consciousness, improve your state of wellness, and rise to your vast potential. We do so on our Ascend Journeys, on the Awaken Podcast, and at our Ascenders Facebook Community.

Ascend Journeys

On our Ascend Journeys, we take a group of Ascenders away on an adventure of exploration and self-discovery.

Attend inspiring and thought-provoking workshops, immerse yourself into new cultures and environments, and create friendships.

Ascend Journeys offers a space to to learn and discover, but above all, it is a place celebrate life with each other.

Explore, Discover, & Celebrate

Awaken Podcast

On Awaken, Bryan Henry (Founder of Ascend) explores the ideas and experiences of special guest that will support you in improving your state of health, heightening your state of consciousness, and manifesting abundance.

This isn’t just any other “self-help” show that provides you with abundant cliches like “you can do anything if you put your mind to it,” and no practical advice. The guest we have on are thought leaders and experts whos real-world experience allows them to provide you with practical and actionable advice.

Ascenders Facebook Community

Ascenders are those that strive to attain to lead on a higher plane of consciousness, so that they may provide the world with their greatest gifts. In doing this, we find fulfillment in our lives.

The Ascenders Facebook Group is a place to connect and share wisdom and experience that will help others on their journey of wellness, growth, and self-discovery. Join us in enriching the lives of others, because together we ascend.

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