Open Your Heart & Activate Your Gifts with Alexandra Dumitrescu | | AWB #72

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Every so often I meet someone that when I listen to, I feel myself sink deeper into surrender. Such is the effect when I receive the energy being shared by this wonderful Being.

I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Alexandra Dumitrescu a few times now, the last time being when she so beautifully closed up the Together We Ascend Virtual Summit. And each and every time I feel myself be supported in my remembrance.

This effect that is had through the giving of many different gifts, one of them being light language.

Tune in to this episode to hear from someone who has cultivated an expanded awareness around this process that is taking place within us. A process that entails remembering our True Selves and expressing our creative gifts. She has been doing so beautifully through her YouTube channel and the gift of light language she has been offering, and has some amazing words to say that I believe may support you in too opening up to your heart’s essence and activating your creative gifts.

In This Episode ALEXANDRA & I Explore:

  • knowing that you are held
  • being in the present moment state in which our creative gifts come through
  • rewriting the stories of feeling unworthy of and being unloved
  • Alexandra’s journey of becoming a light language channel and all that she has learnt through this experience
  • the way that light language works (including a metaphysical/energetic understanding) and some of the incredible stories of the effects that Alexandra has seen it have
  • how to open up to your heart’s essence
  • + a live light language transmission for activating our psychic gifts

Our Guest: ALEXANDRA Dumitrescu

As a heart whisperer, teacher, multidimensional intuitive healer, soul activator, starseed and light language channel, Alexandra was guided to walk the spiritual path for the soul purpose of sharing her journey with you, offering all her gifts and lessons from the heart, with the intention of being of service to you and helping you build a life you love.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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