Activating Your Divine Crystalline Blueprint with Brooklin Rayne | Awaken Ep. 38

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Months ago I came across a live steam of a talk and activation delivered at the Flower of Life Expo. On this day, I add Brooklin Rayne’s name as a reminder to reach out to her and possibly invite her on to the Awaken podcast. This  reminder ended up falling to the wayside, until about 2 months later when I came by it again and saw Brooklin’s name again. I hadn’t thought much about it until I saw her Facebook profile pop up on the very same day. I took this as a sign that it was time to reach out. If that weren’t synchronistic enough…
A day later I received the following response back from Brooklin “I love how the Universe flows so very synchronistically.  I was browsing through FB yesterday and paused for a moment and saw a post on someone’s page.  On the page was a FB interview that you were giving, and I thought to myself I really resonate with his energy!”
Turns out, on the same day that I messaged her, Brooklin Rayne took note of my name with the intention of reaching out.
This experience further solidifies me in the knowing that (as Brooklin likes to elegantly put it) is all “beautifully and divinely orchestrated.” There’s a reason why I was guided into this connection with this amazing Being, and I know that one of the many reasons for this was so that we would come together for this co-creation and conversation on the Awaken podcast. I’m confident you’ll feel the same after hearing the activating information that Brooklin shares with us.
We are restoring our Original Crystalline Divine Blueprint. We are expanding into a fuller embodiment of the  knowing that we are unique expressions of one Source Consciousness. We are grounding this into this physical experience as human Beings, templating a higher expression of consciousness and Oneness for the future of our species.
Tune into this episode of Awaken and be supported through your process of activating your Crystalline Divine Blueprint, and becoming a greater embodiment of your I AM presence.

In This Episode Brooklin & I Discuss:

  • quantum entanglement and the way in which how every thought and word affects the quantum field
  • approaching questioning and exploration with a child-like curiosity and from the zero-point center of an open-heart
  • the 12th-Dimensional Council of Light; who are they, and how they are assisting
  • rstoring our Original Crystalline Divine Blueprint: embodying the knowing of ourselves as individual expression of Source having a physical-human experience, whilst maintaining constant communication with the Divine
  • calling forth your I AM presence and showing up in the intention of releasing all that no longer serves you
  • some history around the seeding of humanity, the fragmentation of our original Divine Blueprint and the fall to denser planes of consciousness (and how we should respond to this information)

Our Guest: Brooklin Rayne

Brooklin Rayne is an intuitive channel and a members of the Chrisos Ascend Master Collective She has experienced many incarnations with the Sophia Christ collective, Lyran Sirian Whites, Oraphim, Ancient Pleiadians, and Hathors. Through her diamond sun crystal structure, she assists humans to return their original divine blueprint combined with their Christos template, allowing a fuller embodiment of the I AM presence and Unity consciousness.

Resources Mentioned:

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