Activating Your Multidimensional Magnetic Energy with Scarlet Ravin | Awaken Ep. 61

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We are here now activating our multidimensional magnetic energy with Scarlet Ravin.
Scarlet’s experience with the multidimensional reality has been a testament to her power, a power that she is fully committed to activating within herself. She has been coming through with some magic, some of which takes the form of the alchemical formulations that she shares through her WhiteFox Medicinal brand.
In this conversation I had with Scarlet, some powerful transmissions come through, including an exploration of our magnetic energy, which when activated, will support you in bringing to you what you desire. Scarlet also shares with some of her experience with consciously creating and residing in higher vibrational states.
There is so much power within us that often remains dormant, and it’s through “flexing our spiritual muscles” that we learn to bring it online. If you’re ready to here from one that is activating her magnetic energy to great benefit, join us for this episode of Awaken with Scarlet Ravin.

In This Episode SCARLET & I Explore:

  • Scarlet’s experience with stepping into and consciously creating from a 5D multidimensional reality
  • stripping away beliefs and creating from a blank canvas
  • living in a state of openness receptivity to downloads and impressions
  • a 30 day practice that will help you increase your energetic bandwidth and live in higher vibrational states 
  • flexing your spiritual muscles
  • a visualization/meditation for activating your magnetic energy and attracting your desired circumstances
  • a lesson from laser tag
  • planting the seeds for Herbal Alchemy 101


Seer. Multi-Dimensional Channel.  Planet Spirit Guide.  Best Selling Author.  Alchemist.
Scarlet Ravin is a Starseed here to shape light into the New World.  Her gifts range from Seeing the unseen realms and sharing messages or transmissions, readings, Remembrance circles and Activations to Herbal Alchemy.  She speaks to the spirit of plants, animals, different dimensional oracles and loves to spend her time with her horses and animals.  She has written two best-selling books and also launched a very successful Herbal Alchemy company White Fox Medicine.
You can also try her Ancient Ayruvedic Cannabis Vapes or her Psilocybin Medicinal Formulations, all she offers springs from the foundation of a Multi-Dimensional reality and invites you into a state of Resonance that harmonizes with Source.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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