Adjusting to Your Higher Baseline Frequencies | The Arcturian Council and my Guides

Adjusting to Your Higher Baseline Frequencies | The Arcturian Council and my Guides

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

As your baseline frequency heightens, the pendulum swings more slowly
• And at each plateau, the altitude of the pendulum adjusts.
(The “pendulum” depicts the rhythm back and forth of energy momentum, natural balance of thought form and influence of thought energy)
• It rises in conjunction with your frequency

Your level of experiencing shifts
• The lowest low point is no longer the same as it was.
• It becomes higher, matching your new average resonance.
• Your highest high point is also higher.

The pendulum swing can still vary widely
But this is not ideal.
• It can also have a more balanced rhythm
In other words, the highest high and the lowest low are closer together
• Your experience is more calm, but still at a heightened level of joy and comfort
• The balance of things, the quality of your experience will simply have shifted to a higher standard.

You can influence the balance of the pendulum
by balancing your emotions.
• You will eventually become used to the feeling of staying above a certain frequency
• This translates to no longer having the expectation of the same negative occurrences.
*Extremely important in terms of your ability to manifest

The Arcturians:

Come out of misplaced guilt about your seeking an experience of comfort. Your experiencing in this now, in your activated state of awareness, is rewriting the code for those who come after you (and for all humans… but those who awaken and activate will have easier access to perceive the reality of these new codes as they peel off the shell and layers of their old belief systems, just as you are doing).

Your power is in your active awareness of this, your choice to visualize and create this experience. You will continue to receive messages of this nature explained in different ways again and again as you are becoming better able to process this information.
We are the Arcturian Council. We love you!
End transmission.

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I am a Blue Ray integrated Arcturian Channel. The Activations that I create help humans access and unlock their Original Divine template, activating the dormant DNA strands. The codes are hidden in the messages that I channel, which are driven by the needs of the collective.

Blessings my friends?

Yolanda Marie

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