Clearing Your Emotional Body and Aligning With Joy with Avalina Maline | AWB #84

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Avalina Maline is an intuitive channel and an awakened multi-dimensional consciousness who is supporting others in their awakening process. Through her inner-standing of quantum energy and emotional alchemy she helps us accelerate embodiment and the transformation of our consciousness. 

Avalina guides individuals and groups in alchemizing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies in order to embody the power of their Divine Sovereignty and align to greater states of peace, joy, love, and abundance.

In This Episode AVALINA & I Explore:

  • How to clear your emotional body and align with the frequency of Joy

  • Connecting to your Higher Self and inner knowing

  • What it means to surrender and why you should

  • The key to understanding your emotions, taking responsibility, and using every moment as an opportunity to know yourself

  • How are desires keep us unfulfilled, and what to do instead

  • Letting the Universe take the lead


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