Align Your Energy & Learn How to Breathe (Because You Probably Aren’t Doing So Effectively) with Giovanni Bartolomeo | Awaken Ep. 51

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Giovanni Bartolomeo is the Founder of multiple ventures including the Elemental Awakening Podcast and Elemental Wellness Studio located in Toronto, Canada, which just so happens to be 5 minutes from where I am living. As a huge fan and member of the community at Elemental, I have a great deal of gratitude to express for this man. The opportunities that he has taken and is creating as an entrepreneur has not only been supporting him, but has also been greatly serving humanity. 
Our conversation initially circled around Gio’s experience with ways that he has been learning to free up his energy and align it with better opportunities for himself and his to service to others. Some important lessons come up in this conversation. Later into the conversation we take a deep breath in and begin to explore an area that Gio, a biohacking legend, has a lot of experience and important information to share about: breathing.
Breathwork is quickly becoming a well-recognized tool for invoking powerful personal transformation and for training proper breathing habits. Simply put, most people aren’t breathing effectively, and learning to do so comes with a host of great benefits (better focus, greater energy levels, lessened stress, the list goes on). More and more people are beginning to realize and first-hand experience what is possible, when we learn to breath.
So if you’re ready to be inspired to realign your energy for greater opportunities, and to learn how to breath, join Giovanni and I for this episode of Awaken.

In This Episode GIOVANNI & I Discuss:

  • detaching and the power of saying no, as to free up space for and align your energy for greater opportunities
  • Gio’s experience with beginning to start each day with 60 minutes of silence
  • asking yourself the important question; “how do I define my success and measure my results?”
  • the letting go process and allowing for profit in different areas of your life
  • breathwork as a tool for invoking transformation and creating for direct experiences with Self and the Universe
  • how most people aren’t breathing properly, and a better way to breath (and the benefits that come from doing so)


Giovanni is an entrepreneur and life adventurer who has a passion for teaching, experiential learning and creating deep connections with others. He is the founder of Elemental Wellness studio in Toronto and Co-Founder of The Personal Development School among many other ventures.
He is always looking for the next consciousness expanding learning experience whether it be climbing mountains in his shorts with Wim Hof, participating in Traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies, or challenging his mind and body to see what new limits he can reach. Gio is a breathwork facilitator and Life/Executive coach and Founder of Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Programs and Facilitator Training.
He Launched his third podcast in 2020 called the Elemental Awakening to go along with his YouTube channel (Elemental Awakening). You can watch his documentary on Plant Medicine called Psyched Out for free through his YouTube channel
He’s an entrepreneur at heart and loves to create new Ideas and ways to help improve the planet for not only the people currently living on it but for those who we will leave it to one day!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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