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Alignment Process Day 2/5

Key Points for Shifting into an Aligned Mindset:

  1. Understand that your self-identity is a mental construction
  2. Think “expansive” thoughts
  3. Connect to the guidance of your Higher Self

1. Understand that your self-identity is a mental construction.

Ask yourself, “who am I?”

Take a minute and see what comes up.

Was it your name and where you’re from? Did you start to think about the things you enjoy? How about the things that you’re good at, your skills and areas of expertise? Or perhaps you started thinking about your goals and ambitions, the future you wish for.

Regardless of what comes up when you ask yourself this question, I want you to see that your idea of “you”, is entirely a figment of your mind.

Who you think you are, your sense of self-identity, is entirely a mental construction. You may argue that you have traits and characteristics that make you you, but consider this; where do these things exists? Are they directly present within your state of awareness?

It is in when we are in a state of presence that we connect to the way things truly are prior to our judgement and interpretation. In this state, you will realize that the answer to this last question is no. But what we tend to do is create an idea of who we are, in our mind, based on our past experiences, and based on what we think other people perceive when they see us.

Being that these ideas are formed in our mind, you can see that your self-identity is mentally constructed.

This is an important and powerful realization to come to, because it leads into the understanding that you become whoever you believe yourself to be.

I always say that the two most powerful words in the English language are, “I am.” “I am” are the two most powerful words because whatever comes after these words, is what you become.

You get to choose which thoughts you hold on to, the ones you deem true, and you get to choose which you let go. Having a thought does not mean you must identity with it – you choose what defines you.

And while you may not be able to just speak the words and instantly shift into thoroughly believing that you are (insert empowering trait), the way in which you think/speak to yourself shapes your subconscious belief system. So by becoming more conscious of the thoughts you choose, you are able to reprogram your subconscious beliefs around who you believe yourself to be, so that you become the person you wish to be.

So how do we use this to get into an aligned mindset?

Well you see, an aligned mindset is empowering – it is one that makes you feel immensely capable of creating what you wish to see in your reality. And to reemphasize this important point, it is in feeling/believing that you are capable, that you become capable. This is why getting into an aligned mindset is the first dimension that we are looking at in the Alignment Process.

And so moving into an aligned mindset can really be simplified to choosing the thoughts that make you feel more powerful; i.e. choosing expansive thoughts.

2. Think “expansive” thoughts.

Most of our thoughts can be thrown into one of two categories: expansive/empowering thoughts or constrictive/limiting thoughts.

It isn’t at all difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Expansive thoughts make you feel good, constrictive thoughts make you feel worse. Expansive thoughts make you feel capable, constrictive thoughts make you feel inadequate. Expansive thoughts energize you, constrictive thoughts drain you of energy and give away your power.

Thinking expansive thoughts is all about expanding your sense of self to embody the truth that you are connected to and one with All That Is. This is of the highest truths. 

We spoke about how we mentally create our self-identity, and how this plays into either empowering or limiting us. Well, there is nothing more empowering than expanding your sense of Self to encompass a greater expression of who and what you are. Because what you are, is both the Source and Creation. You are a Co-Creator

And though connecting to and embodying these truths go beyond just the contents of your mind, expansive thinking is where this all begins.

Through expansive thinking, you are able to begin moving into the powerful knowing and potential of being a Co-Creator. Meaning, you become more capable of creating the results you wish to see in your life and business.

But when you think thoughts that deem you separate or disconnected from the Universe, or when you perceive limitation (constrictive thoughts), you will in turn experience this limitation. This is the only thing that can hold you back from carrying out your higher purpose, and growing a successful brand/business.

So by heightening your state of awareness (meditation is a great practice for this), you can become more aware of the thoughts that go on in your mind. With this, you can become better able at catching those constrictive thoughts, so that you may disidentify from them (i.e. not let them affect how you think of yourself, and how you feel), and replace the contents of your mind with more expansive thoughts.

Let’s work on this.

Exercise: Expansive Meditation & Thinking

  1. Close your eyes and sense the energy in your body. Take notice of the sensations you feel.  In your mind’s eye, envision that you are a white light. Do this for 2-3 minutes.
  2. After doing so, envision the light that you are expand into the room around you. You are not just your body, you are the space around you. You grow lighter – more expansive.
  3. When it feels right, expand into greater space, continuing to envision your light extend further and further. Begin with your light flooding your home, then your neighbourhood… your city…. your country… the planet… As you expand, feel yourself grow more powerful, more energized, more whole.
  4. Feel your light reach into the infiniteness of the Universe. This is all you. You are pure consciousness, you are pure energy. You are everything. 
  5. Hear the words in your mind that speak to what you are. Finish the sentence, “I am ___________” in whatever way feels most invigorating. Here are some ideas:










How do you feel during/after carrying out that exercise. Do you feel yourself rise toward your power?

Do you feel yourself align with your Higher Self?

3) Connect to the guidance of your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is you, but it is the you that exists on a plane of consciousness that is above identification and limitation. And such, your Higher Self is an expression of the powerful knowing and potential that rests inside you.

If you haven’t spent much time connecting to your Higher Self, right now, this may not make much sense. But know that all of this goes beyond an understanding of the mind. Channeling your Higher Self entails a shift in your energy, and state of consciousness. 

The guidance and knowing of your Higher Self always coincides with your highest path of evolution, and greatest expression of self. Thus, aligning with the inner guidance of your Higher Self is synonymous to moving into alignment

Needless to say, connecting to the guidance of your Higher Self will lead you in the direction of having the greatest impact, and produce the greatest results in your business.

The great thing is, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Your Higher Self is always with you, as it is you that we’re talking about. But as we’ve alluded to, through conditioning most of us have come to thin we are less than we actually are. 

But by going within, you may reconnect to the truths of your Higher Self. This begins with recognizing that this knowing is available to you in this Now moment. 

What do you say we tap into this?

Exercise: Channeling your Higher Self

Alternatively to reading through these steps and going through the exericse on your own, you may always want to try out using this guided meditation for connecting with your Higher Self. If you do so, be sure to come back to the reflection questions below right after.

  1. Sit in meditation and begin to observe your experience, and the contents of your mind. It is not necessary to try and “quiet” your mind, rather, simply just be aware and be at ease. There is no need to judge or interpret.
  2. As you observe your experience, allow for your internal experience to naturally become more still. You don’t need strive for this, there is no rush. Relax and allow.
  3. When it feels right, set the intention to connect with you Higher Self. Cultivate the desire to do so, and know that you are capable of doing so right Now.
  4. Feel your energetic vibration increase as you connect to your truth. The high vibration of knowing pulses through you. Know that your Higher Self is now here to guide you. You now know all you need to know.
  5. Answer the questions below from this place of knowing.

Reflection Questions

  1. What does the highest expression of you in this moment look like?
  2. What does your Higher Self want you to be conscious of?
  3. What’s important to you?

Know that you can revisit this practice any time. The knowing and guidance of your Higher Self is always available. When you are ease, you will naturally connect to this knowing.

That’s it for day 1 of the Alignment Process! If you moved through today’s content and exercises effectively, you’re likely feeling a bit more energized and excited right about now.

There’s your first taste of what it feels like to come into alignment.

See you tomorrow, for when we define your aligned lifestyle.

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