An Activating Morning Routine

An Activating Morning Routine

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Remember feeling vibrant? Feeling aligned? Feeling your lightbody? Feeling in tune with yourself, the universe and love? I say ‘remember’ because I’m aware that we don’t always feel like we’re in 5D – we don’t always feel like we’re vibing high and it begins to feel dense again every so often. And so, i’ve decided to share very easy, everyday tasks I do to feel activated every morning – setting the tone of my day through an activated morning routine.

Receive Light From the Biggest Energy Portal We See 

The exchange of energy is what we thrive on. Feeding off good, positive, vibrant energies are what naturally speaks to our being. We exchange energy everyday with other people, with plants, and even the Sun.Image result for sungaze

The Sun is the largest light and energy portal we are able to see and feel here on Earth.. You too are energy and light

Take some time first thing in the morning for yourself. Soak in the sun rising! It’s extremely beneficial to ‘sungaze’ first thing in the morning as the sunrises. The rays can actually be very beneficial and nutritious for our eyes, and skin in the early mornings (in the evenings when the sunsets as well!).

Receiving energy and light from the Sun is a great source for replenishment and loving exchange… it’s always been there for us – open way to receive and make a conscious effort to connect to the Sun. Show gratitude for all its offering us – food, water, site and life here on Earth. Sungazing can also be a beautiful form of gratitude; we are thankful for all it gives.

Sungazing aids in an opening of our third eye (pineal gland region). Feel into your third eye as the sun touches it is an amazing transmission – consciously be open to receive upgrades with this practice (I know I have!)! You will feel refreshed after soaking in all that beautiful light energy.

Allow Your Energies Within to Flow

Moving your body is beneficial for the vibration of your energetic centres, known as your chakras, to flow. This ultimately makes you feel a sense of alignment with your inner state. Energy is cultivated from within first. To stay in a high frequency, we need to remember to keep our energetic bodies in a state of flow – free of tensions, stiffness and stress.

As energetic beings, movement allows for energy to flow within and through us. Wake up your body with some movement and get the energies flowing! When we sleep, our bodies are still and stiffen. Movement is especially important after long durations of non-physical activities where our energy centres aren’t flowing as optimally as possible.

If you’re working a desk job and sitting often, set some time every hour to get up and stretch, just walking around isn’t going to cut it! We hold onto tensions in our lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck and joints! Stretching helps release this tension, making it a MUST.

Every hour that I work, I will take 5-10 minutes of stretching as a break. Stretching my neck, loosening my shoulders and back, releasing the tensions of being still for so long really brings in a lot of energy. I always come back to my work more productive! I’ve never regretted going for a stretching break! 

You’ll come back to your work more energized, refreshed and motivated.  When you sit or stand all day, stunting the flow of energy throughout your body, you will notice your energy levels depleting faster than it would if you had move your body. You begin telling yourself you don’t want to do this anymore. You may get bored. You may notice you’re no longer being productive. Your body is asking of you to release the tensions of stillness and stretch! 

Staying at a high frequency is more than just knowing how to, but also acting on what you know – implement the practice of moving your body for your flow state and frequency. We no longer want to be dense, we’re collectively moving towards a less dense state. This ultimately starts with self.

Eating for Your Light Body

Every living being gives off light – known as ‘bio-photon’. Alkaline (opposite of acidic) foods are very high in vibration and light. And so, consuming high vibrational foods aid in our healing process, our own frequencies and longevity of our physical, emotional and spiritual levels.Image result for vibrating food

Food is energy. Energy is nature. Energy is also us. Align with the energy frequencies you wish to stay in flow with. 

Allow the foods you consume be the medium for you to fulfill your full potential in the here and now on this planet – foods you consume aid in activating your inner light. May we reconnect with ourselves and the infinite universe within. To stay in a higher frequency, eat foods that are also high frequency.

Waking up your dense body with alkaline nutrients is a great reminder of how high frequency you can be. Alkaline foods such as ginger, turmeric and lemons all come naturally from Earth and are very high in light vibrations!

Alkaline foods are also necessary because our current beings are too acidic to stay in a high frequency state constantly! Processed foods, foods that have added chemicals, dim the light in that food. And if you’re consuming those foods, you will also feel more fatigued, sluggish and love vibing. Make the conscious change and shift your body by feeding it foods with higher energy for your OWN energy! We feel more replenished and light when we do (I definitely notice a physical difference!). 

A very simple practice to implement into your mornings is drinking what I call the Activating Morning Elixir, here’s the recipe:

  • 2-3 cups of hot alkaline/distilled water
  • 1 Tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • 1-2 Slices of Raw Organic Ginger Root
  • 3-4 Slices of Raw Organic Turmeric Root
  • 1 Tsp Turmeric Powder
  • Juice of Half an Organic Lemon
  • Pinch of Grounded Cinnamon
  • 2-4 Organic Mint Leaves (optional)

All the ingredients in the Activation Morning Elixir are high in frequency! Alkaline foods are often anti-inflammatory, a superfood, and thus extremely beneficial in raising your own energetic frequency. 

There you have it, a couple of things I practice to keep my light body working for me in a higher vibrational state and I recommend to all my fellow Lightworkers! If you’re interested in more tips and tricks on how to keep yourself in a high frequency check out the [CALL TO ACTION]

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