Nothing You Think Is True Is the Truth

Nothing You Think Is True Is the Truth


My perception of our world is undergoing a dramatic shift.

I have been meditating more than usual as of late – Vipassana meditation specifically. The intent behind this type of meditation is to “see things as they really are”. Spending time with this meditation and intention has been leading me towards the realization that almost everything that I once perceived to be truth, isn’t actually truth at all.

Know Truth

Truth is beyond the realm of intellect and thought. Truth can only be known experientially.

“words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality”

What this quote is saying is that the words we choose to use, act as signposts that point towards the direction of the meaning we aim to address. In itself, our words and mental constructs don’t mean anything. So when we speak or think words about the truth, it’s not that our words are the truth, it’s that they guide us to the truth. And when our words effectively describe the truth, we say that they are true.

If you’re having difficulty understanding what I mean by this, ask yourself this: “Is what is true, true, before we think about it?” The answer to this question is of course yes. What is true, is true, regardless of what or how we think. Truth just is.

Thus, truth exists free of labels and judgment. Our thoughts and language are constructed, and truth is separate from these constructions. And so, although our words may do a fair job at describing the truth, they aren’t the truth.

It is important to understand that all of this applies equally to my choice of the word “truth” itself, and so I urge you to avoid being attached to what you once believed the word to mean.

That brings me to the most common direction that we take when we are presented with new ideas, the question: “what do I do with this information?” In this case, it may be more powerful to reframe things and think ask, “what does this information do to me?”

If you allow for it, it liberates you.

Find Freedom

The following is a passage from my journal, and look into how my inner world is changing as I begin to embody these ideas. I hope these perspectives help you find the freedom that they have for me:

November 16th, 2017

I am starting to feel more and more as though what I’ve set out to accomplish is not rooted in a sense that something needs to be done – that there is something that I’m meant to, or must do. The concept of “purpose” is collapsing.

Beneath it all, there is nothing that needs to happen. Purpose is created. And I feel as though it is often created to fill a void that is feared.

I understand how it can be terrifying to stare into the face of what may be perceived as emptiness. Heck, although I’ve always felt this way on some level, it seems that up until now, I haven’t been able to completely detach from feeling like I have a responsibility to serve others.

But I’m starting to see that responsibility itself is a construct. I am not responsible for anything. I don’t need to help other people, I don’t need to live my life a certain way, and I don’t even need to “spread love”.

As I allow these ideas to flow out, I feel a part of me gripping to a long-held created sense of purpose; “I’m here to love.

But in these moments, this too no longer seems to be true. I’m not here to love. I choose to love.

Rather, I choose to believe that love is what we are, that love is what connect us as One, and that “choosing love” is to acknowledge that. Because this is the choice I make, it is the experience that I have.

That’s what this all boils down to: choice. Consciousness’ choice to manifest what it chooses to manifest. Perhaps choice is an illusion. I wouldn’t know if it was. But I do resonate with the compelling belief that Consciousness in it’s entirety, is infinitely creating existence. I stress the words “in it’s entirety” because it is of my belief that this creation/choice isn’t happening on a “layer” above or below humanity, rather it is happening at every and all layers as One.

What I do know for certain is that love is the best choice I’ve ever made, and that I think it’s the best choice that could be made by anybody at anytime.

So here’s to realizing that we are painters in front of an empty canvas. That nothing matters, until we choose to paint something that does. That we don’t need to paint anything at all. Here’s to the liberation that comes with allowing these realizations. And here’s to continuing to make the best choice that as far as I know, there is to make; love and joy.”

Take Control

The realization that the thoughts and beliefs of our intellect aren’t in themselves truth, opens up way for understanding that we are in complete control of what is important and meaningful (if anything at all) to us. I also like to think of this as being in control of our own truth. Recognizing and assuming this control is powerfully liberating.

So while we may not be able to change the fundamental truths of our existence, we can in fact change our experience of this reality. Our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and that which is manifested as a result of these expressions, are all very much part of our reality, and within our control.

So go out, and paint whatever your heart desires – and never forget how many beautiful colours there are to choose from.

Bryan is the Founder of Together We Ascend (TWA), and does not like writing about himself in the third-person.
What’s up Ascender!? I am on a mission to support humanity in its ascension. To this aim I created the TWA community to bring together Ascenders who have also connected to this purpose. I also work with lightworkers 1-on-1 to help them align with their Higher Self and purpose and grow their very own impactful brand.
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