This Is Where Fulfillment Is Found

This Is Where Fulfillment Is Found

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The grandest sense of fulfillment and joy available to us, is found in the service of others.
This is so, because dedicating oneself towards the spreading of love and joy into our world is a reflection of the embodiment of our deepest truth – the truth of what we really are.
Because, what we call others, is not but a larger part of our Self.
The “problem” is, most are thinking in terms of self (with a small s). 
Being so very focused on this avatar you play, narrows your attention in on a place in which you have temporarily forgotten that you are so much more than this.
There is a reason it feels good when we make someone laugh, or when we give. This joy is rooted in the inner knowing that serving others, is serving your Self. 
This isn’t about letting go of all desires you have for yourself, the contrary actually. This is about expanding from self to Self.
Because when you do so, your actions will naturally and effortlessly align with what is in highest service of Self, and what will bring YOU the greatest amount of joy.

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