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Are you a
Lightworker in Hiding?

The Ascender Activation is a 6-week process that activates lightworkers and guides them in channeling their higher purpose into a soul-centered business.

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The world is awakening and is asking for leaders of ascension..

.. will you step up?

There is a powerful shift in consciousness currently taking place on our planet, you have felt it too. This is our ascension, and we’ve been accelerating.

As this process continues to unfold, many are going to be in need of guidance along the path of spiritual awakening. If you’ve been on this journey for sometime yourself, it’s likely that you’ve heard the call...

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There is a reason you feel It in Your heart that you are meant for "more"..

.. this feeling is your Higher Self calling you to step into your true purpose.

You know that you could be having a great impact, you know that you have more to give, but societal pressures and conditioning has made it difficult to step into this higher expression of yourself you know you could be. Our world doesn’t exactly make it easy to speak to the truths we know of. 

But you owe it to yourself, to ask yourself:

  • What would it be like to be confidently speaking my truth, and seeing it change people’s lives?
  • Could it be possible for me to put into this world something that I am passionate to give, and fulfilled in sharing?
  • Will I ever really be satisfied if I never step into my true purpose?

The world is waiting for your highest, and your greatest gifts are waiting to come through..

.. and the ascender activation can activate THIS.

What is the Ascender Activation?

The Ascender Activation is a a 6-week process that activates the gifts of lightworkers and guides them in connecting to, and channeling their purpose into a soul-centered business.

This activation is specifically for the souls who had the pre-birth intention to come into this incarnation and reawaken to their true selves, in aim of being equipped to guide others through these times of rapid change and heightening consciousness. It is on the path of these individuals to be leaders in our planetary consciousness’s ascension into a 5th dimensional frequency

If you’re seeing this message, it is likely you are one of these souls, and it’s possible that you’re about to be activated. Continue reading to learn more about your activated state, and how this 5 phase activation process can help you shift into it.

Your Awareness

Your power is in your awareness. In deepening your awareness of what you are, your purpose, and your abilities as a lightworker, you will grow more powerful.

Your Gifts

You have so much more to give than you're yet to realize. These gifts are waiting to come through you, and are about to be activated.

Step Into
Your Purpose

The grandest sense of fulfillment and invigoration is found in serving your higher purpose. You will transcend limitation, and rise to your highest path.

Launch Your Soul-Centered Business

In giving your greatest gift you shall also open up to receive, because growing your own soul-centered business means creating the resources and freedom to focus on doing what you came here to do.

The activated state: a state in which one is rooted in their knowing., expressive of their truth, empowered in their action, and on the path of their highest purpose.

In shifting into your
activated state you will...

.. Come Alive with Passion

Nothing fuels us with greater energy and passion than the type we draw from our true soul purpose. This is about flowing into your soul's highest excitement, and allowing this vibrant energy to pass through you and into the world.

.. Know Freedom & Fulfillment

A great sense of freedom and fulfillment is felt when one is acting inline with what it is they feel most deeply called to do. On your path you will be exactly where you wish to be, doing exactly what you wish to be doing. This is the type of freedom you deserve.

.. Feel Confident and Aligned In Your Knowing

You feel whole while rooted in the knowing that you are bringing your highest into the world. There is unwavering sense of confidence that comes with being in alignment with your truth and all that you came here to be.

the 5 phase activation process

Phase 1: Awareness

Your Knowing is in your awareness

Your activation begins with expanding your awareness of your   multidimensionality and your role as a lightworker.. In diving into areas such as; your origin as a starseed, your ability to connect to higher frequency and  Beings, and the limiting programs that keep lurking in your shadows, you will begin to grow more powerful. For your knowing is in your awareness, and in your knowing you are powerful

OUTCOME: Activate dormant potential with a deeper awareness and innerstanding of your essence, purpose, and power.


Phase 2: Alignment

alignment is the catalyst

In a state of alignment, all aspects of your Being and experience is an expression of your highest and truest – this becomes a catalyst for ascension. Channeling your Higher Self (whom you’ll meet face-to-face!) and accessing your higher knowing will serve you the vision and frequency of your higher timeline. In the alignment phase you will shift onto this timeline for perhaps the very first time ever.

OUTCOME: Access the knowing of your Higher Self and shift into the frequency of your higher timeline.


Phase 3: Discovery

discover your greatest gift

Having shifted into a state of alignment, finding clarity around your gifts will come naturally. You will move through a process that builds on top itself, in which you will discover and define your superpower (your uniqueness), your avatar (your audience), the transformation you will be supporting others through, and finally.. your greatest gift; a service instilled with so much value and energy, that it becomes in alignment for those you serve to pay you in return.

OUTCOME: Tune into and define your greatest gift and all of it’s important elements: including your superpower, your avatar, the transformation, and the form of your gift.


Phase 4: branding

build your impactful brand

This is where you begin to transition from being just another casual social media user, to someone who is leading their own initiative and wisely using these online platforms to impact lives. Your brand becomes your reputation and your audience’s experiences of you, and by establishing the presence of a powerful leader of ascension, you will be in a position to serve your purpose on a greater level.

OUTCOME: Devise a plan and design an identity for your brand that will invoke a sense of resonance in your audience. Begin setting up an online presence for your brand that will support the growth of your conscious business and the impact you have.


Phase 5: attraction

attract your Tribe

Entering the final phase you will have stepped into a higher expression of yourself in which you have complete clarity around the gifts your soul is being called to bring into the world. Understanding and implementing the attraction process will shift you into resonance with those that are in alignment with receiving your support, so that you begin attracting your tribe and sharing these gifts. You enter your activated state upon launching your conscious business and beginning to do just this.

OUTCOME: Learn how to resonate with and attract those you are here to serve, then launch your conscious business and begin doing so!


how you will be activated:

Activating Training Material

With 5 phases, 12 modules, 25,000+ words of content (plus additional resources), all of which is imbued with activating frequencies, there is a lot to explore, learn, and take from this experience. This training will serve you in your growth and guide you through the steps that you need to take to shift into activation. 

Guided Meditations & Transmissions

At certain points in the activation process, you become ready to receive and integrate the frequencies of a guided meditation/transmission that has been channeled by myself or another Ascender. Each serves a specific purpose and importance in your activation.

Transformative Reflections,
Exercises, & Action-Steps

Everything you seek is already within you. The activation process will guide you through powerful introspective reflections and exercises that will work to unfold the many layers that suppresses your knowing and potential. You will also be given the road-map and action-steps for channeling your purpose into a business as a lightworker.

Guidance (Mentorship Program)

Sometimes along our path we come at crossroads where we have questions and could use with some assistance. If this this happens at any point in the activation, you may reach out for guidance from your Ascension Mentor, Bryan, (guaranteed 24hr response). Mentorship clients receive a whole other spectrum of guidance and activation through the 6 Activation Sessions of the activation process.

Bryan M. Henry

Founder of Together We Ascend
& The Ascend Academy

Meet Your Ascension Mentor

What is up Ascender!? I’m Bryan M. Henry, your mentor through the Ascender Activation. On my path, I have been blessed to have many eye-opening experiences that have act as catalyst in my awakening.. These experiences ranged from darker times to beautiful encounters, all of which I am tremendously grateful to have had. For it has all supported me in expanding my awareness of my truth, purpose, and potential.

Core to this truth are my two greatest values: love and service, which  I strive to make all that I do be rooted in. In my aims of co-creating a more loving world, and surrendering myself to service the collective, I have recognized it to be of my purpose to activate lightworkers.

If you’re one of the souls who came here with the intention of supporting the ascension of our collective consciousness, I’m looking forward to the possibility of doing this for you. Continue reading below if you’re ready to get started with your activation, or keep scrolling if you’d like to see what some of the lightworkers I have activated have to say about me.

Nothing you can think about yourself could be true. For the mind cannot conceive or hope to define the essence of you, and the magic you are capable of creating.

This journey is one of experiencing yourself, and creating this magic.

- Bryan Henry

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It's time to get activated.

Ascender Activation

Activate yourself
$ 447
  • Activation Process Training Material (Life Time Access)
  • Transformative Introspections & Exercise Worksheets
  • Guided Meditations & Transmissions Recordings
  • Access to Guidance (24hr response time)
  • 1 Initial Activation Call
  • The 6 Activation Sessions Of The Process (Via Zoom)
  • Personalized 1-on-1 Mentorship
  • Accountability

Ascender Activation Mentorship

be activated
*By application only
  • Activation Process Training Material (Life Time Access)
  • Transformative Introspections & Exercise Worksheets
  • Guided Meditations & Transmissions Recordings
  • Access to Guidance (24hr response time)
  • 1 Initial Activation Call
  • the 6 Activation Sessions of the process (via zoom)
  • Personalized 1-on-1 Mentorship
  • Accountability

What those I've activated have said:

the 6 Activation sessions
(mentorship program only)

Session #1 (awareness Phase):
Guided Shadow Work

In this session

session #2 (Alignment Phase):
Shifting Timelines

In this session

Session #3 (Discovery Phase):
Greatest gift refining

In this session

session #4 (branding Phase):
branding advice

In this session

Session #1 (attraction phase):
pre-launch planning

In this session

session #2 (post-activation):
Expansion Steps

In this session

What you might be asking

Your purpose is love, your purpose is joy, your purpose is ascension. 

You being here on this planet and seeing this message at this time is happening for an important reason.. The planetary consciousness of the Earth, who some call Gaia, is in the midst of transitioning into a 5th dimensional frequency. On a different planet and as 5D/6D Being, one of the dimensional aspects of your soul made the noble decision to assist Gaia in this process. When you made this decision  a starseed was born. 

It has time come that you reawaken to the highest dimensional aspects of yourself, and in doing so, begin to integrate your multdimensional self. As you do, you will inherently raise the vibration of our planet, support our collective in its ascension, Sharing the truths you grow aware of, and guiding others in their own awakening journey, these are all intentions you set long ago.

This is your higher purpose.

Ascension is..

… the rise into higher planes of awareness

… the raising of energetic vibration

… the deepening into truth, knowing, and power.

… the shifting into greater states of being..

but most importantly, ascension is growing more aware of and connected to the highest of truths; the truth of Oneness


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Our collective deserves your greatest gifts,
and you deserve the sense of fulfillment and freedom you seek..

... are you ready for all of this and more to be activated?

Ready to Activate Prosperity In Your Purpose With Other Lightworkers?

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