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Going on an Ascend Journey provides you with the oppurtunity to..

... Learn & Discover

On our Ascend Journeys, you will join us for inspiring workshops led by thought leaders and experts of various fields. These workshops will lead you on to paths of self-discovery and new wisdom, that will help you in living a life of fulfilment, peace, and abundance.

You will walk away from these experiences with a greater sense of clarity around creating a life for yourself that excites you.


... Slow Down and Enjoy the Moment

The fast-paced lives that most of us live gradually take a toll on us. The prolonged stress and constant activity has a way of disrupting our energy, and getting in the way of us connecting to our true selves.

And for this reason, we believe that it is important that on your Ascend Journey, you are given time and space to relax and be present with the moment. You will soon find out how effective this can be for reconnecting to the truths that matter most.

... Explore

It would be a shame to travel to beautiful and serene places in the world, and not take some time to experience the beauty and nature. The destination we choose for our Journeys, are surrounded by many amazing sights and experiences to behold.

Venture off on your own, or join the group as we immerse ourselves into the culture and terrain of the fascinating locations we visit.


... Connect with others

Most importantly, Ascend Journeys are about reigniting the human connection. Ascenders believe strongly in the power and importance of unity. On your Ascend Journey you will connect with like-minded people in a friendly and judgement-free atmosphere.

You will have time to socialize, get to know, and party with your fellow Ascenders! We believe that the greatest things you will walk away from your Ascend Journey with is the friendships you form and the memories you create together.

Together we Ascend.

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