Astral Traveling 101 with Paul Tokgozoglu | Awaken Ep. #40

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What do you say we continue down the rabbit hole we have ventured into. In episode 34 of the Awaken podcast, my new friend, Paul Tokgozoglu (aka Alphabet Soup), and I found ourselves inching towards the rabbit hole of Hermetic Philosophy. For those of you that haven’t listened to that episode or are unfamiliar, Hermeticism is an ancient school of esoteric traditions/teachings that heavily relate to many of the spiritual teachings that are carried out today. You may have come across the phrase, “as above, so below.” Many attribute the roots of the phrase as being derived from the Law of Correspondence taught in Hermeticism.

There’s a deep (perhaps infinitely so) rabbit hole to go down here, one in which the seeker may find themselves compelled to venture into. Well, in this episode of Awaken, Paul joins us again to go down there with us. This time around we’re talking astral traveling.

Astral traveling is said to be the experience of one’s spirit traveling different realms and dimensions, out of these physical bodies. Paul says, this is something that all of our Souls are doing, especially so during the time that we are sleeping in this incarnation. But what if we could with intention, set out to do this? What if we could choose to explore these alternate realities? What if we could become conscious of these types of experiences?

This is what practicing astral travel is about, and it comes with a host of benefits. If this truly is possible, this marks a great opportunity to learn, to evolve, and to adventure. Who knows what there is out there awaiting your discovery? Who knows what you may find in your astral travels?

If you have any interest in learning more about this topic, and hearing from someone who has first-hand experience with this practice, tune into this episode of Awaken.

In This Episode Paul & I Discuss:

  • What astral travel and lucid dreaming are and what they allow us to do
  • How we can benefit in these lifetimes and incarnations from practicing astral travel
  • an important message that has been coming in for Paul regarding the idea of Divine Perfection actually being something that can hold us back
  • Astral traveling to evolve and adventure
  • how you can become as great as the Masters we look up to

Our Guest: Paul Tokgozoglu

Paul is a coach and check-point for people who are going through a time of spiritual awakening and want to make sense out of their world.

His initiation onto the path of the Great Work came through Hermetic philosophy.

Through years of seeking and the help of many great teachers and friends, he has begun to feel a sense of urgency to share this information so that all may grow and learn together. He believes that by doing so, we can transmute the old energies of our world and create the more beautiful reality we all know is possible.

Resources Mentioned:

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