Authentic Nutrition: What They Didn’t Teach You About Nourishing Your Soul with John Depass | AWB #75

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Could it be that the way that most are thinking about food and their health is actually the thing that is preventing them from experiencing a greater sense of well-being and their potential? Could we be looking in the wrong place for authentic nutrition? 

John Depass seems to believe so. An ex-bodybuilder turned holistic health well-being advocate, Coach John teaches a way of living and thinking about our food and health that largely flies in the face of what most others are sharing.

So be prepared, because he’s here and about to challenge a lot of what is still being taught by the mainstream health industry, and possibly some of what you held as the truth. But maybe this isn’t the full truth, and as you’re about to hear him passionately share, you have to be willing to at least for a moment let go of what you thought you knew to discover something new.


  • Why we should consider letting go of a lot of what’ve taught about food
  • Why discipline isn’t enough when it comes to having a healthy and balanced relationship with food
  • Why it isn’t about protein, carbs, fats, and calories and what it really is about
  • What the practice of fasting and intuitive eating could have in store for you
  • Seeing through the consumer mindset programming and finding your own balance, self-worth, and truth
  • How to activate your solar plexus energy to make your own decision and balance the masculine and feminine energies within you
  • The source of authentic nourishment for your Soul

Our Guest: Coach John Depass

John Depass has been in the personal training and health industry for 30 years. He was a bodybuilder and Mr. Universe contestant 25 of those years ago. Through a series of injuries and health complications during this time, he had to find himself to a better way to health. He is now a holistic wellness advocate.

With a passion for helping people unleash their potential, John lives as a role model for self healing and self-love, that entails practices that might seem unconventional to most. He’s here to speak of a new way to love and health.


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