Brad Austen

Brad Austen is an intuitive writer, channel, spiritual and meditation teacher and recording artist. He is passionate about writing and producing guided meditations to aid relaxation, healing and soul-discovery. His meditations are spirit-inspired and are respected worldwide in meditation circles. Brad’s guided meditations are available to download and stream online on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify. For further information, you can visit his personal website.

Shifting from Head to Heart Meditation [video]

Do you find you are very much in your head? Lots of busy thoughts and over-analyzing everything? Would you like to become more heart centered? In this spirit-inspired meditation, I wanted to help listeners shift from their head to their heart, becoming less judgmental and more loving and compassionate. This guided meditation is from my …

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Chances are you have heard someone talking about ‘grounding’ at one point or another. But what does grounding actually mean? Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centering your soul in your body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. When these connections are strong, it can help you feel safer and more in …

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