7 Steps to Beating Fear, Doubt, and Indecision with Sean Croxton (Part 1) | Awaken Ep. 1

It’s time to redefine what it means to be a “One-Percenter.”

The top 1% isn’t about how wealthy you are, it isn’t about your net worth.

Rather, it is about what you GIVE to this world.

In the very first episode of the Ascend Show, I speak to Sean Croxton, author of “The One Percenter’s Mind – 7 Steps to Beating Fear, Doubt, and Indecision … and How to Get Anything You Want”. Sean and I spent some time discussing the 7 steps to getting what you want. Because when you know how to get what you want, you can get the things that will put you in a position to provide this world with your greatest gifts.

Hope you Enjoy!

(Check out Part II of my interview with Sean here)

In this episode Sean and I discuss:

  • Factors involved with Weight Loss that are overlooked, and his book, “The Dark Side to Fat Loss” (3:30)
  • How people are unhealthy as a result of being “victims of their own lives” (7:40)
  • What it means to be a “One-Percenter”(10:20)
  • The birth and manifestation of all successful ideas (12:20)
  • How the conscious and subconscious mind work, how deeper rooted beliefs can getting in the way of taking action/lead to self-sabotage(19:45)
  • Your life being a mirror reflection of your beliefs, and challenging your beliefs (28:50)
  • The terror-barrier and inevitable fear, and why it’s important to accept and embrace (34:12)


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