Balance the Divine Masculine and Become a KING with Kevin Oroszlán | Awaken Ep. 15

Balance the Divine Masculine and Become a KING with Kevin Oroszlán | Awaken Ep. 15


Today, I bring you a very special episode of Awaken, one that goes down in history. This episode, episode 15, was the first ever Awaken episode to be broadcasted LIVE!

I’m super excited to announce that this is the first of many episodes that you’ll be able to catch live. I’ve been playing around with the idea, and funnily enough it was this episode’s guest that was the inspiration I needed to take this leap!

Kevin Orosz is a (r)Evolutionary Coach. As a student of both modern psychology and ancient philosophy, Kevin uses the yogic science of mind and a “weaponized” intuition with his clients to facilitate transformation.

I’m going to leave it to the episode for this one, because this man’s energy says it all. Anyone with a bit of intuitive sense, could feel the presence, groundedness, and compassion that Kevin emmanates.

Which makes him just about the perfect person to dive into the topics we got into in this episode with me, because this one is all about getting grounded into your body, finding balance in the divine masculine, and becoming a KING.

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  • Coming into your body, geting grounding and letting yourself feel AMAZING.
  • Old school is masculinity is dead. What does it mean to show up as a KING?
  • Why the absence of effective rites of passages for transitioning boys into men is creating dysfunction in our society, and what we can do to remedy/heal this on a collective and individual level.
  • “true wise men will plant trees, the shade of which they will never enjoy” – bringing back the importance of living in service of future generations
  • Bypassing true life passion and delaying gratification that never comes

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