Channeling Source into Your Life, Business, & Impact with Tarah Long | Awaken Ep. 13

Channeling Source into Your Life, Business, & Impact with Tarah Long | Awaken Ep. 13

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And we are back in action! Yep, Awaken is still happening Ascenders!

I know it’s been a little while since I put out the last episode of the podcast, but if you were tuning into for those first few months of the show, and are back for some more, I’m certain that you’ll soon be agreeing that the wait was well worth it!

You see, in these past 7 months, I have come a long way. I know 7 months doesn’t sound like a lot of time, and believe me, when I look back at how long it’s actually been, it’s pretty crazy to think about how much I have grown and progressed in this time.

This has all been a result of a stronger connection to Source/my Higher Self.

In learning to let go of aspects of me that were holding me back, aspects of me that weren’t rooted in my truth, I have started to let for Source come through in more freely. This has led to some extraordinary experiences (more on this in the episode!)

Ascenders, you are all about to see an interesting shift on this podcast, in terms of the style/tone of the conversations I have with my guest.. I feel so much more confident, and aligned with my true self, and am going into this with so much more excitement than ever before.

Rather than tie myself down to feeling like these interviews need to go/be done in certain ways, I am giving myself to go into and just have some fun and interesting conversations, with some amazing people. I am so confident that this is going to produce more upbeat and engaging conversations than ever before.

This is beginning with none other, than this episode!

I felt it was fitting to share this with you, because this all very much connects back to what my guest, Tarah Long, speak about in this episode. As I got to talking with Tarah, it just became more and more clear to me that our experiences with letting go and allowing, has been super similar.

Opening yourself up as a channel for Source is ultimately the greatest decision you can make. The sense of freedom, fulfilment, peace, and joy, is like none other when you drop resistance. Some powerful things begin to happen when you channel Source into your life, business, and impact; you connect to your purpose, you begin to impact on a greater scale, and you come alive in living the life you were meant to live.

If you’re ready to deepen your understanding of what any of all this means, and learn how you too can go about bringing this into your experience, tune in to this episode of Awaken!


  • How you create your own physical reality via the “Law of Reflection”
  • The importance of unfolding your desires to figure out what you truly want, and how you can do so
  • What it means when we say; “You are God/Source/All that Is”
  • The realization that all spiritual/enlightenment teachings come back too: you’re already there
  • How both Tarah and approach thinking about desires and attachment
  • What it means to dropping identification and opening up as a vessel for Source
  • How to get our “distortions” out of the way, and allow for the flow of Source to come through us (this is how we connect to our purpose)
  • How powerful it would be for your business if you were to let go of everything, and simply move into what felt good and right for you. There is no right way of doing things!


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