Developing Intuitive Abilities with Janet Raftis | Awaken Ep. 9

Developing Intuitive Abilities with Janet Raftis | Awaken Ep. 9


We have access to power far greater than you many of us have ever imagined. But unfortunately, our lifestyles and upbringing has distanced us from accessing this power.

Janet Raftis has the ability to perceive “subtle energies”, energies that aren’t readily perceivable by most. These energies can function to provide guidance and insights to bring about a wide-array of benefits. The great thing is that anybody can develop these abilities. As an Intuitive Development Coach, Janet works to help people reconnect with their innate and intuitive gifts.

Janet also has over 12 years in the field of energy healing, and can help people heal and release outdated patterns of belief so that they may transition out of areas in which they feel stuck and into the life they truly desire.

Tune in to this episode of Awaken, and step into the world of energetic healing and intuitive gifts.


  • What an empath is
  • What an intuitive is
  • How energy healing works
  • About some of Janet’s experiences with energy healing being effective
  • The benefits of intuitive abilities (such as clairvoiyance) and accessing your intuition
  • Obstacles that get in the way of accessing your intuition
  • Learning to trust yourself and tune into the inner wisdom of your body


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