Living in Your Supreme State with Jess Williams | Awaken Ep. 17

Living in Your Supreme State with Jess Williams | Awaken Ep. 17


Jess Williams is on a mission to get people living in a supreme state.

In understanding that true transformation happens from the inside-out, Jess’s approach in helping people begins with addressing what is going on internally. Through cultivating self love, resolving energetic blockages, and letting go of limiting paradigms, she helps clients grow into a higher state of being.

Going into this I already had a lot of respect for Jess, but I got to say, I was pleasantly surprised me with some of the deep dive stuff we got into together in this conversation. We started with speaking to self-love and gratitude, and eventually found ourself in a deeper conversation around chakras, Oneness, and living in the heart space.

And I’m glad we did, because I’m confident it will al serve you in living in your supreme state.


  • What it means to live in a “supreme state”
  • Bringing together being fully accepting and grateful for where you are, with the drive to push for more
  • How/why gratitude is the key to experiencing abundance
  • Transforming your life from the inside out, by first bringing yourself to live in the state you wish to right Now
  • Looking at and working through your shadows/emotions
  • How we are “moving up” in chakras in our ascension
  • The ongoing shift to unconditional love and Oneness, and our movement towards the centre of a blackhole
  • Why the realization of Oneness can be a bit scary, and how to deal with this to move into liberation and connection
  • The power in opening up and moving into your heart space, for healing and connecting to knowing, and how to do so.

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