Nutrigenomics: How Food Affects Our Genetics with Teri Cochrane | Awaken Ep.11

Nutrigenomics: How Food Affects Our Genetics with Teri Cochrane | Awaken Ep.11


Research in the field of epigenetics has established that environmental factors can invoke significant and heritable changes in our genetic expression. Things like stress and nutrition, can lead to certain genes being turned “on and off”. This was a groundbreaking discovery because our genes provide instructions for our cells for how to function. Our gene expression, which is determined by what genes are active/inactives, is tightly intertwined with our state of health. 

Research is uncovering that epigenetic changes can play a role in many health disorders. Epigenetic change can be detrimental, and lead to issues such as cancer and autoimmune conditions.  Thus, it’s important that we do whatever we can to promote favourable gene expression. 

Teri Cochrane is an Integrative Practitioner and international thought leader in functional epigenetic nutrition. Her and her team examine how nutrition affects our gene expression by causing genes to “trip” on and off, and how those changes can impact our health. By integrating muscle testing, biophysics, and nutrigenomic evaluations to develop bio-individualized plans for their clients, Teri’s team helps people transform their health. They have helped people drastically improve a wide-array of issues including: thyroid conditions, endocrine disorders, viral illnesses, and autoimmune disorders.

In this episode, Teri and I explore in scientific depth, some of the common issues that hold people back from experiencing vitality (often unknowingly to them). She also offers us a solution that can address the root of many of these issues: The Wildatarian Approach. Tune in to learn all about it.


  • Why genes are our “potential, not our destiny.”
  • 4 factors that can affect gene expression
  • How through gene testing, “muscle testing”, and observation, we can identify how our lifestyles are affect unfavourably gene expression, so that we can then address the root of the issue
  • How malabsorption of the “Big 3” (fat, protein, sulfur) is the cause of many our health issues
  • The signs that we aren’t absorbing fat, protein, or sulfur well
  • Scientific evidence that supports why you should deeply consider adopting  Teri’s “Wildatarian” approach to nutrition
  • How you can get started with the Wildatarian diet today!


  • 23andMe Genetic Testing – Most recognized genetic testing kit and service. You receive over 75 detailed reports based on your DNA that will provide you valuable information about your health, traits, and ancestry..
  • – Teri’s website
  • Wildatarian recipes – Recipes  from Teri’s website

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