Recovery, Redemption, and Reinvention with Barry Mangione | Awaken Ep. 3

Recovery, Redemption, and Reinvention with Barry Mangione | Awaken Ep. 3


Barry Mangione has been through some dark times. At one point in his life, he was facing bankruptcy, going through a divorce, battling with both alcoholism and depression, and on the verge of being suicidal.

But he was able to turn it around.

He beat alcoholism and depression – he recovered. He got his life together – he redeemed. And now he is doing some great work as a writer, musician, and physiotherapist – he reinvented.

And all as a result of asking himself the right questions.

In Barry’s book, No Easy Answers: A Book of Life-Changing Questions, he brings forth the questions that by asking himself, allowed him to transform his life. Rather than claim to have the answers to his readers’ problems, Barry provides the questions that will help you come to the answers on your own.

In this episode, Barry and I discuss how he transformed his life, and take a look into some of the questions he asked himself to do so.


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