Remembering Why We’re Here with Sean Michael Cruz | Awaken Ep. 18

Remembering Why We’re Here with Sean Michael Cruz | Awaken Ep. 18


Sean Michael Cruz is an amazing person with a powerful message. One that he has stepped into do an amazing job of bringing into the world, and the Ascenders community.

That’s right, my brother Sean, is a fellow Ascender! If you’ve been with the group these past couple months, there’s no doubt you would have seen Sean around. I believe I speak for the group when I say that we’re blessed to be on the other end of light that Sean has been bringing to us.

In tandem with doing so within our community, Sean has been stepping up as the leader he is outside of the group as well. Quickly, he is becoming an inspiration for us all, to let go of fear and express our truth. I knew I had to have him on the show, to share this high frequency and truth with us.

After getting into things like letting go of fear, cultivating gratitude, and putting back the wonder into life, about half way into our conversation, things begin to get really interesting. I’m super grateful for Sean’s willingness to open up and share with us an incredible experience he recently had in a QHHT session.

A little preview; Sean was able to unlock memories of being on a plane of existence between physical lives on Earth. In doing so, he was able to remember what being on this higher dimensional reality felt like, and why he chose to physically incarnate onto Earth (again).

If you have any bit of curiosity around higher dimensional experiences, or what it is that we came here to do, you are going to want to hear this story.


  • Letting go of fear and moving into the free feeling of expressing your truth
  • Cultivating a sense of gratitude, curiosity, and wonder in your life
  • Seeing the neutrality in everything, recognizing that there is no objective good/bad or right/wrong, and knowing that the choice is yours
  • Sean’s amazing QHHT session experience; memories of being on a different plane of existence in between physical lives. Remembering what it felt like to be on this plane, and why he has incarnated on Earth (again)
  • The mission that we came here for


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