Shift Your Energetic Frequency to Improve Your Health with Shana Ekedal | Awaken Ep.6

Shift Your Energetic Frequency to Improve Your Health with Shana Ekedal | Awaken Ep.6


Shana Ekedal is a Frequency Alchemist and Personal Coach. Her expertise lies in the fields of nutritional science, psychology, and energetic healing. She applies this in a holistic approach, that encompasses mind, body, and spirit to help women heal their bodies and transform their lives by helping them shift their energetic frequency.

The energetic frequency of both biological and non-biological, plays a role in the expression of it. Thus, the energetic frequency of our bodies is associated with our state of health. This idea has been supported by the research of Bruce Taino, that observed an association with disease states and lower frequencies in the body.

By working towards balancing our energy and improving our state of health, we move towards our highest expression of self. Which means we move closer to a connecting to our soul purpose and innate potential.

In this episode Shana and I discuss:

  • What it means to view the word in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency
  • Scientific research that shows that disease states are linked to low frequency
  • How emotions can lead to energetic disruptances, and how we can address them
  • The affect of nutrition and different foods on our energetic frequency, and how we may use food to raise our consciousness

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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