The Science of Becoming SUPERHUMAN with Lee Davy | AWB #78

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Lee Davy is a bridge. A bridge to expanded health, consciousness, and understanding. He’s also a self-mastery guide, an author, the creator of the 5D Breathwork Method, co-founder of Connected Community, co-steward of the Unified Alliance, and co-owner of Imiloa Institute; and an all-round Superhuman.

In This Episode LEE & BRYAN Explore:

  • Taking care of your physical vessel as being the foundation for your Ascension
  • Having a sacred-self practice to reprogram your subconscious, and prime for the day
  • The intersection between science and spirituality; how science and math proves that we’re Infinite
  • How to connect to the Unified Field and become Superhuman
  • Creating true freedom and A New Earth with the Higher Laws

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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