Being in the Flow of Your Desires

Being in the Flow of Your Desires

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Let’s talk about desires for a moment.
In my experience, what we are perceiving of as our desires, can come from/be of two vastly different natures.
On one hand, “desire” can stem from a sense of lack. If what you are wanting is at all associated with feeling like you and/or your current reality isn’t enough as you are/it is, you’re coming from the wrong place. Residing in this frequency will always hold you back.
What you do matters. The actions that you (or don’t) take, matters. It’s important that we hold value to who we’re choosing to be, and how we are choosing to act; and grounded in the reality that this will undoubtedly influence the lives that we live and the type of experience that we have.
But it’s also important that we know that no amount or type of action can ever offset the underlying state and vibrational frequency that we’re in.
You are an energetic Being, and the creator of your own reality; your power to create your reality is found deeper than what is happening on the surface.

You Create From Your State

You are an energetic Being, and the creator of your own reality; your power to create your reality is found deeper than what is happening on the surface.

You create from your state.
Your thoughts, your beliefs, and your feelings are core to the reality that you’re creating. The conscious mind is what provides the instructions for what manifests in your experience.

“Your inner conversations create your outer world”

Taking ownership for and governing the inner world of your thoughts and feelings should be considered the fundamental practice. Bring attention to what’s occurring within. If you haven’t found it within yourself to first feel whole, deserving, and capable, you will also continue to feel like you need to wrestle with your reality to make something happen. But what if this wasn’t really the case?
Your actions should feel seamless, like you’re floating downstream. It can and should feel easy. In fact, letting it be easy is likely what you’re missing.

Why You Should Be Flowing

What if you could float on downstream to everything you desired?
A sense of flow is indicative of being in alignment with your Higher Self and soul-aligned desires. Our emotions are our inner guidance, and how we are feeling is always letting us know if we’re moving towards and in alignment with our wants, or if we’re fighting against them.
By addressing what’s going on internally, and coming into your flow state, you’ll find that the puzzle pieces of your physical reality will begin to naturally (and seemingly magically) find their fit. In this quality of experience, one doesn’t feel a need to fight, struggle, and/or exert great amounts of effort to make a particular thing happen, instead, the doing becomes an expression of one’s joy.
In your flow state, you are doing what you’re doing because it’s in the highest and most genuine sense, exactly what you want to be doing. Not only does this bring us back to the beauty and joy of the present moment, but it’s also the very way that we manifest our highest experience.
On one hand, “desire” can stem from a sense of attachment, inadequacy, and lack; on the other hand, our desire can be of inspiration, eagerness, and bliss.
You can be in the knowing that you are innately worthy, and deserving of your desires.
You can be rooted in a sense of confidence in your capability, and faithful in the potentiality of your success.
You can be receptive to divine inspiration, and in a mode of creative flow.
You can be eager for what’s unfolding, and unphased by what’s occurring.

You can be in the flow of your desires and in a state creative inspiration, divine flow, and true bliss.

Activating Your Flow State

As a means to help you activate this state and experience, I was divinely inspired and guided in creating the Activation Process of the Ascend Academy.

The Activation Process is a 4-phase process that  activates in an individual a higher state of being, expression of self, and experience of reality. Upon completion, one who has undergone this process will have activated their higher purpose.

The Ascend Academy is uniting & Activating Lightworkers

Upon enrollment into the Ascend Academy, members initate the Activation Process: a 4-week program that activates in an individual their higher purpose, activated state, and Highest Timeline.

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