Trusting the Unknown & Breaking Free From 9-5 with Nicolas Perrin | AWB #74

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Do you think you came to earth, so that you can work to live?” This is the question that led to everything for Nicolas Perrin.


In this moment of realization, Nicolas began to question what he thought he once believed, a paradigm still held by many today; that working day in and day out at jobs we don’t enjoy, is sometimes necessary to survive. 


But it’s likely that if you are here with us now, you’ve already come to the awareness that it doesn’t have to be this way, that there’s a greater way to be. A way that entails residing in a higher state of consciousness, and living with a greater sense of trust, adventure, freedom, and fulfillment.


If you’re ready for this, I encourage you to dive in with us, as Nicolas and I explore cultivating a sense of trust in life, attuning to the higher frequency, and breaking free from the 9-5.

In This Episode NICOLAS & I Explore:

  • A question that in first hearing, led to Nicolas’s questioning of the 9-5 lifestyle and old paradigm
  • Attuning ourselves to higher levels of consciousness and becoming a transmitter of light
  • the willingness to go into ‘no-sense’, explore the unknown, and invoking our evolutionary expansion.
  • Cultivating of a sense confidence and trust in Life, and the magic that unfolds when we are able to take those leaps of faith
  • The power in sitting with and holding the energy of inspiration, and being in sync with Diving Unfolding.

Our Guest: nicolas perrin

Nicolas Perrin is a guide who supports difference makers to catalyze their most potent dormant gifts and step into a new reality that reflects their soul destiny & legacy.  Nicolas supports his clients, who are gifted & have enormous potential, to transcend the pain of playing small, confused on life direction, feeling held back, and find it challenging to share their unique message with the world.  His clients are supported through the creation of a magnetic vision & activating their divine soul blue print enabling them to make the highest difference in the world.



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