Break Out From the Old Way of Seeing Things (definitions and polarity) | The Arcturian Council

Break Out From the Old Way of Seeing Things (definitions and polarity) | The Arcturian Council

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Time to fully step into your power of Creation my friends. As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? See transcript below.

The Arcturians:
You are coming out of the defining of everything in in terms of being separate. It is not that you will not have definitions, but it is that you will move forward together and be able to see how more than one thing can mean the same thing… or can be generally the same thing. And how the two can merge together to even expand what once was. You will see the creativity, the creation in things, rather than the pulling against each other and separation. Remember, this is what you’re coming into.

But this is your creation. Don’t fight against your own creation. Break out. Step out of the old polarity. Now there will be polarities of course, but not nearly to the extent that there have been. This is your own doing. It feels as though something is being done TO you… until you look at what you are perceiving” as the other as a part of yourself. And you recognize the fluidity in the way they define things, and how it flows into the way you define things… and draw the parallel there. This is the difference.

This is what heals. This is what creates, “brings together” through the heart-mind of clarity. It is not to say that something that is completely the polar opposite of the direction that you are moving, or wishing to move, or manifesting… it is not to say that “that” is the thing that you wish to merge into yourself on its terms. It is merely for you to see the presence of that thing which is within you… that force WITHIN YOURSELF… and understand where it’s coming from. And then it can be healed through you.

In the presence of that thing which is the polar opposite of you, which you do not desire to present in that way through you, that thing will no longer present itself within your sphere… within your area of creation… within your reality… where you move and breathe and create. It will not present itself to you in the same way. You will not experience it the same way. And wherever it is having its experience as the polar opposite (that thing that you do not desire)… whenever it is having that experience… it will be in its own timeline on its own terms. NOT in your reality and your timeline. Allow everyone their journey and come into your own creativity with the understanding of what is going on through the clarity of the heart-mind. And stepping into the power of the healing through it, rather than the repulsion, if you will. See everything as it is, which is from the God Spark. We are the Arcturian Council.
End transmission.

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All of the messages that I channel and produce are a bridge between your conscious mental processing and your unconscious physiological and etheric embodiment.

Blessings my friends?

Yolanda Marie

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