Breaking and Replacing the Old Cycles of the False Matrix | the Arcturian Council

Breaking and Replacing the Old Cycles of the False Matrix | the Arcturian Council

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

This is what most of the world is using to interact with the world around them…
The BioPsychoSocial System
• This is Old, Not Our Divine Truth! No Longer Relevant,
(Use of this is habitual, mental imprinting. Collective transition is underway)
• Very conditional way of operating (not heart-centered)
• Results from false belief systems planted by the “power over others” structure of the old matrix
• Consists of three things: a Biological, Psychological,
and a Sociological component

Biological Component…
Your Physical Circumstances
• Wellness: lifestyle diseases (i.e., diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis)
• Current condition: short term illnesses
(i.e., cold or flu, migraine headache, broken limb, recent surgery, etc.)
• Ancestral DNA passed through current lifetime

Psychological Component…
Your mental and emotional circumstances
• Current mental state: anxiety, sadness, excitement, happiness, focused awareness
(Largely comprised of the thought forms and emotions we are releasing now)
• Almost entirely structured in the old matrix of false belief systems.
• Mental processing up to this point (using this default system) has been highly unconscious.

The Social Component…
Your Social Environment
• Interactions with family, friends, neighbors, peers, and others in the community
• As a child: Loving or non-loving surroundings? Parents? Siblings? Did you feel secure or insecure?
• As an adult: Workplace influence; Religious (or non-religious) experience; intimate and casual relationships

Most Psychological Disorders are Not what they appear to be
Ex. Major Depression, Anxiety, Various Compulsions, Addictions, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, etc…
(current research and diagnoses incomplete or incorrect)
• They are either really Humans breaking out of this unnatural default way of operating, beginning to see past the veil…
• OR Humans intentionally incarnating with different ways to process information (“see” and understand things)
Both are for the purpose of triggering other humans (and systems) into some sort of awakening or change, and to rewrite the code in the quantum structure as it shifts

These cycles are at the root of the old system, perpetuating the old energies….
A. Behavioral Confirmation and
B. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
•These cycles also perpetuate the trauma incurred by operating from within the dense Matrix and BioPsychoSocial System here, and trauma from lifetimes in other planetary systems as well)

Behavioral Confirmation
A. Preconceived notion
B. Behavioral Cues
C. Response to behavioral cues
D. Behavior is observed as confirmation of preconceived notions

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

  1. Beliefs about yourself
  2. Send subconscious cues to another person.
  3. The other person receives and responds to the cues
  4. The person’s response confirms what you already believed about yourself.

There is a Huge Shift is Underway, collectively and individually
Away from 3D matrix conditioning
• Humans ARE shifting to CONSCIOUS ACCESS of their etheric fields some intentionally, but many are unconsciously doing this; resulting from the Galactic energetic support
• Rerouting from the processing mind to your “etheric operation”

More will begin to connect directly through the heart space.
With Intention
• According to the Arcturians, our fields will “operate essentially from the heart center”, engaging the “very codes of your making,” the “interconnected force” between each of us.
(I will put a link to this complete channeled message below)

This is forming a new matrix structure based on the truth
• Embracing the power of our true capabilities and natural energetic way of “seeing” and “doing”
• This also begins to rewrite the collective agreed upon perception of what is possible.
The more who awaken and learn, the more gets rewritten (recoded) and vice versa. It is reciprocal this way. But you can already use this heart-mind connection and discernment now. This is your natural state of Being.

The old cycles will begin to feel foreign to us
• When you see that we are unconsciously using the old cycles, immediately set an intention to
access the heart.
• Soon our hearts collectively will be the dominant system. This is already happening, and use of this awareness will speed this up (as the collective intention to do so expands)

Click here for Yolanda Marie’s YouTube Channel

If you believe you are one of the Souls that have come here to assist in Collective Ascension, we are looking for you..

The Ascend Academy is Uniting & Activating Awakening Leaders

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