Can You Make a Living as a Lightworker? | Awaken Ep. 24

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In working with people to help them uncover their gifts and purpose, I’ve seen something come up time and time again; many fail to realize just how much value they have to offer.

On your own unique journey, you have without a doubt cultivated valuable experience. As someone invested in your expansion (I’m assuming you wouldn’t be reading these words if you weren’t), I am confident that you have likely grown to have something great to share.

It is this growth that triggers in us the desire to serve something larger, to support others on their own path. We grow so we can help others, and our collective do the same.

Somewhere along this path of growing spiritual awareness, some hear that small still voice calling them towards the path of serving a higher purpose; perhaps even as a lightworker.
While I do see great intentions in many, I also see many holding themselves back from walking this path for various reasons – one of these reasons being uncertainty around the question I pose today; “can you make a living as a lightworker?”
Now, I should mention that this word, “lightworker”, has no set definition. Personally, I use it to describe anyone who decides to serve the shift in consciousness/bring greater light into this world (these are both one of the same thing). This, of course, isn’t something one has to associate with receiving a monetary exchange. In fact, I personally believe that regardless of what you do as a career, there’s a lightworker in us all.
But in the context of this discussion, we’re talking about individuals for whom it may be on the path to dedicate themselves fully towards doing work that supports our collective’s ascension. In order for this to be made possible, one of course needs to be able to receive in return for their service – we all do still need to make a living.
So, is it possible? Can you really be financially successful whilst being committed to serving the shift of our collective consciousness?
In this episode of Awaken, not only will tell you why the answer to this question is 100% yes, but I will also talk to you about how you can make this a reality for yourself. If you’ve heard the call to walk this path, your going to want to tune in, and hear about the 3 C’s for making a living as a lightworker.

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