How to Grow Through Relationship (For Conscious Couples) with Greg & Kerryn Barwick | AWB #71

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Conscious relationship is a training grounds for growth.. If approached consciously, this becomes perhaps the greatest avenue for initiating higher level expressions of ourselves and missions. The intention that Greg and Kerryn Barwick brings to this, each other, and to their community; is a perfect testament to this.


  • the new definition of humility; the willingness to feel emotion, take full responsibility, and consciously respond
  • becoming sensitive to emotions felt in our body and that of our partners
  • being a loving healing presence for others
  • the inner union and dance between the Feminine and Masculine; attuning to and harmonizing these energies within ourselves and relationships
  • invoking passion through polarity
  • the rise of the feminine and addressing toxic masculinity in both men and women
  • allowing for death, rebirth, and growth in our relationships


Greg & Kerryn are the founders of Creator Academy, passionate about helping humans connect deeply with themselves, and play their hearts out in business and life.
Devoted to activating others into their own greatness Greg alongside his wife Kerryn support visionary entrepreneurs to access deep levels of purpose and meaning by leveraging their business to make tangible impact within their communities.
Together Kerryn & Greg empower men, women and couples to alchemize their relationship to experience passionate connection, a solid foundation for growth and a safe space for embodied living.
With a relationship that spans over 15 years Greg and Kerryn have always shared a passion for heart led service. For almost a decade they explored service within the church community and later went on a deeper journey to discover themselves, the world and God’s plan in a bigger and more aligned way.
This journey has taken them around the world. First as students, studying, learning and forging their own personal development path and then in more recent years creating spaces for leaders to play their heart out and expand their capacity to lead and serve.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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