Consciously Manifesting | The Arcturian Council and My Guides

Consciously Manifesting | The Arcturian Council and My Guides

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As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? Transcript below

From the Arcturians and my Guides☺️

  1. Mind your Observations Always.
    Shift all observations out of the energy of judgment.
    • The energetic pattern of polarizing judgements (on situations and other people) “clog up” or take up space the space needed for clarity.
    • “This clarity we speak of is the ability to see the absolute truth without the influence of emotion”.

Polarizing Judgment invokes emotion.
• This, in turn, either strengthens an old pattern or begins a new unnecessary pattern .
This could begin to:
a) attach to new events that are undesired,
b) branch into events that resemble old timelines, or
c) attach to and weigh down desired events that want to establish a new firm timeline.
If you want more control of your desired manifestations, it is time to purposefully CLEAR THIS OUT (this old habitual mental processing)

  1. Keep your emotions balanced to engage your true gift of Discernment.
    • Learn to understand what is happening around you without dwelling on or over emotionalizing observations.
    • As you see things unfold, sift through your related judgments and prepare to release them. Release them by replacing those judgments and opinions with the bare facts.
    • Apply unconditional love, the power of your sovereignty, and your ability to create to ALL faucets of each situation.
  2. Consistently Clear your field of unnecessary emotional debris.
    Important*: “We are NOT saying to clear out all emotions”.
    Emotions are a beautiful and important part of the experience and can drive your desired manifestation to materialize into your physical reality.
    • “We are saying to clear out the actual judgement itself, because the attached emotions can (and most likely will) counteract what you are trying to manifest or build.”
    • Always address the lower frequency emotions as often as they come up. Do not ignore them.

Be patient with yourself while learning to do this.
This gets easier with practice 🙂
• There are many different methods to clear your field.
• The method that you resonate with is the correct one as long as it is connected with the heart both through you and also the teacher is heart open and

Always take ultimate responsibility for your own energetic environment, no matter which method you choose.

  1. Keep the energy flowing forward.
    • One step in front of the other movement
    (a Heart-Mind process moving beyond belief into KNOWING)
    • NOT done by “pushing” against a contrary force, but by feeling forward at all times in the direction of expansion
    • At times will require long pauses from physical action, and at other times requiring aligned action (steps that feel good, right, and are led by guidance).
    • While not in physical action mode, the forward movement is simply the continuation of the inner work
  2. Always Keep your attention on what you want to see transpire.
    Do this by moving in the direction of your preferences at all times.

• Anytime you notice something outside of the “sphere” and energy of your overarching preferences (your Higher Self version of your life), “go into thought beyond that which surrounds you”.
• Put up your wall of higher frequency. Open your heart and drop the judgment, so that your frequency can remain high and match the frequency of your desired manifestations.

And here is where the cycle begins again.

The Arcturians:

This may seem like a long list, but this is what you are putting in the place of the OLD PARADIGM of automatic thinking, automatic biological processes, and familiar but painful cycles of trauma.

These cycles are what is clouding your field and impeding the process of conscious manifestation and also the manifestations set in motion on etheric levels by YOU and YOUR TEAM. Pay close attention to this. Study it more intently. Make this a priority to embrace your next level of existence. We are the Arcturian Council. We love you!
End transmission.

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Blessings my friends?

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