How to Allow through Higher Guidance [Video]

How to Allow through Higher Guidance [Video]

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As lightworkers, bringing forth the messages of our Higher Self into the world is the means through which we carry out our higher purpose. But when we get in our own way of doing so, due to attachments, fear, and mental “blockages”, we limit ourselves, and we limit the impact we could be having.

And so, it becomes important to learn how to let go of attachments and resistance, and allow for Higher guidance to come through us. In this, we do what we came here to do; help others rise in great ways.

This is what I’ve been striving to do in the content I’ve been creating. Here’s what I’ve learned in doing so, including 3 steps for allowing through Higher Guidance.

If in looking toward your inner guidance you find that it is alignment for you to receive assistance from me to align with your higher purpose and step into your power, I would be happy help you through a free alignment session. Click the button below to book one.

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