Allowing Yourself to Be at Peace

Allowing Yourself to Be at Peace

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Allow yourself to be at ease. Allow yourself to be at peace. You deserve this.
What could be more important? What in your life could be worth feeling disturbed over?
How you feel is how YOU feel. And how you feel is separate from any circumstance or situation. You may attribute how you feel to something that is “going on” in your life, but really and truly, nothing can MAKE you feel any sort of way. Your emotional experience is entirely a function of how you are responding internally. Meaning, it’s never the situation, it’s always how you interpret it.
Reprogram any belief that how you feel is/can be influenced by anything outside of you. 
If you wish to experience a certain reality, begin with recognizing that it is in your power to create that reality for yourself. Whether you are exercising that power effectively or not does not change the fact that it is still you creating your reality.
Take back your power to feel in the ways that you wish to feel. Your experience, your emotions, the contents of your mind, assume ownership of it all. 
Lastly, know that you feeling at peace is not something you need to work for, you simply need to let go of all that you keeps you from doing so.
Allow yourself to be at peace, nothing could be more important.

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