Optimism + Unity + Empowerment = Ascension

Optimism + Unity + Empowerment = Ascension

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Optimism + Unity + Empowerment = Ascension
Cynical and pessimistic views blow me away (though I do understand that the individual who thinks we live in a terrible world, really feels the way they do as a reflection of their relationship with themselves).
But all my bets are FOR HUMANITY!
Take a look around. Look at how much we’ve been able to accomplish. Look at our exponential technological advancement. Look at all the movement towards positive aims. Look at all the kind people spreading their light. Look at all the benevolent leaders who are speaking up.
Now, of course, there is a TON that needs to be improved upon. Namely, how we treat our bodies and planet. It should be of no surprise to anyone that if we keep doing things in the way that we currently are, we will end up in grave health.
But nevertheless, I hold strong faith that we are on the rise, and that we WILL improve on the things that need to be improved on.
I’m seeing more and more people awaken to the truth that we are in this together, and that this includes our beautiful planet. And as more people continue to realize this, our force continues to get stronger.
Never forget that the optimistic mind is an opportunistic mind. If we wish to thrive, let’s believe that we can.
Optimism + Unity + Empowerment = Ascension

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