Create Your Reality Through Reprogramming Belief

Create Your Reality Through Reprogramming Belief

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Your state of belief creates your reality. What you believe is, will be.

Be in the belief that that you are on your Highest Timeline and you are. Believe yourself to be your Higher Self, and you are.

Look upon this moment as being a precious gift, and you will experience it as this.

The Programming of Belief

Beliefs are simply stories that we are choosing to subscribe to. Through the focus of our mental energy on a thought whilst being in an accompanying emotional experience, our body-mind complex becomes programmed. Over time, the programming of our body-mind (aka subconscious mind) shapes the mindset and emotional state that we naturally reside in. This dominant state of being comes together to form what we call our personality; and as Joe Dispenza likes to put it: “our personality creates our personal reality”

On the surface level, it is quite clear that our personality plays a great influence into the type of behaviour we express and experience that we have. Optimistic and empowered-feeling individuals not only feel better and more fulfilled in their lives, but are also far more likely to see success in their endeavors.

A positive emotional state drives powerful behaviour. One who feels more confident in their ability to succeed, is more likely to take the necessary steps to do so.

But the effects of our subconscious program runs far deeper than the way in which it drives our behaviour. Going beyond how our dominant emotional state shapes our personality which drives our behaviour, is that our emotional state is indicative of our state of alignment.

Alignment with a Higher Self & Experience

Your emotions are your internal feedback and guidance system that lets you know how aligned you are with your Higher Self and Higher Timeline. Both of these aspects – what you are expressing, and what you are experiencing – is a function of the frequency that you are residing in. By being in alignment with your Higher Self in your thinking and your acting, you align with a higher frequency. And alignment with a higher frequency state is alignment with a higher frequency experience.

This is a practice of bringing focus, energy, and fuel to the higher perspective; aligning with the way your Higher Self thinks. You can recognize the thoughts that are in alignment with your Higher Self as the thoughts that feel good to think. The emotional feeling you experience in tandem with thinking a thought lets you know whether it is in or out of alignment with your Higher Self’s perspective and intentions, and supportive of being in your highest experience.

Bring awareness to the expansive ways of thinking; thoughts of empowerment, gratitude, and joy. As you do, invite up in yourself an accompanying elevated emotion. This is your power to shift your state of Being, and it is activated by you choosing to prioritize how you feel.

By practicing being attentive to how you are thinking and feeling, you will become aware of when a thought that doesn’t serve you has risen. In this awareness, you can observe these thoughts and choose to let them go. When outdated programs come up, they are being asked to be released. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve your highest good and a positive emotional state. All it takes is a moment of awareness to catch when a thought/programmed belief is triggering a sense of constriction/limitation, at which point in your awareness, choice, and acceptance you may transmute/release these old energies.

The programming of our subconscious belief system is a process that we can administer control over. We can consciously program ourselves for greater states of being and expressions of self. This is the integration of our Higher Self.

A Process for Integrating Your Higher Self & Reprogramming Your Subconscious

In the Activation Process of the Ascend Academy, we offer guidance for the integration of one’s Higher Self. In Phase 3 of the process, you will be guided through a profound encounter with your Higher Self, in which you will receive insight into your highest visionof reality; the fulfilling and abundant experience you are being guided into and called towards.

As you move through this process, you will begin to integrate this higher expression of self and shift into this higher experience. This will all also invoke the reprogramming of your body-mind (subconscious) to naturally reside in this higher state, expression of self, and experience.

The Activation Process

The Activation Process, is a 4-week program that activates in an individual alignment with a higher purpose, state, and experience.

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