Create Your Reality with The Two Forces of Creation [with Video]

One’s power to create, is found at the crossroads of the forces of creation: the active force (yang energy) and the receptive force (yin).

Understanding how the union, interplay, and balance of these two forces come together to invoke creation/experience is essential in activating your power as a Creator Being.

Direction with Intention

Thought and intention is of the active force that sets creation into motion. It is the conscious mind that chooses and provides the “instructions’ for what will manifest into experience.Mastery over the mind then is a fundamental step in realizing your creative potential.

Being immersed in thought that doesn’t align with the experience you wish to be in, is the surest way to end up in and stay stuck in unwanted experiences. The stories that we tell ourselves about who we are and the life we are living directly plays into what it is we are creating.

Thus, it’s important that we realize that we are by no means obligated to use past/current experience to define our future. It is a common tendency to be fixated on one’s current life circumstances in such a way that it perpetuates the reliving of the same cycles. Many are unconsciously living in unfulfilled and unsatisfying circumstances, simply because it’s what they’ve grown to know.

If we never rise above seeing ourselves and our potential as being beyond what we are currently being/experiencing, we will continue to remain in this expression of self and type of experience.

Realizing yourself to be capable of creating a new type of experience is a first step in activating your ability to do so. It begins with belief, which is the foundation from which your experience is built upon.

By coming into greater mindfulness of the present moment and the contents of your mind, you may begin to observe your thoughts and reality more objectively. From a perspective of non-judgement, you become less identified with your current circumstances and sense of self-identity; and with this, you free yourself from both old unwanted patterns, and the constraints of limiting beliefs. You create the space to activate the power of intention.

With a clearer mind, you can then begin to bring greater focus to the thoughts that align with the experience you wish to create. With practice, a momentum begins to cultivate and this becomes to happen more natural. Soon you will find yourself more naturally and consistently in the mindset of a higher expression of self, and that aligns with a higher experience of reality.

Receiving Through Feeling

Thought/intention stirs creation into motion, feeling is the means by which we experience and receive.

Everything is vibration. As Beings of pure consciousness and pure energy, we attune to an experience through a shift in our energetic frequency. Energetic frequency describes the rate of vibration of an energetic body/being. The higher one’s energetic frequency (the faster the rate of vibration), the greater our state of being, and the greater our experience of reality.

By raising your vibration, you shift yourself into a higher state and experience. Your state creates your experience.

This is a practice of feeling; feeling into already being the expression of self and quality of experience that you wish to be in. 

If we perceive of what is wanted as being something that is off in some distant future, we perpetuate the experience of not yet being “there”. We reside in the state that we believe ourselves to be in, and our experience of reality manifests from here. Thus, in order to invoke the cascade of external events that line up with a wanted experience, we must first energetically feel into the state/experience that aligns with this desire.

Fortunately, we are equipped with a powerful guiding tool for this; our emotions. Your emotions are the compass pointing you in the direction of the higher vibration, state, and experience. Feeling more positive-feeling emotions is indicative of one’s energetic frequency rising. As you continue to lean into your bliss, you can know that you are ascending into a higher experience.

Realize that in all circumstances, in this moment, the greatest choice you can make is the better-feeling and higher vibration.  These are the means by which we allow ourselves to receive the desired experience that we have set into creative motion.

A Summary of the Steps

To help you put the knowledge being offered here into practice, here is a summary of a step-by-step approach for consciously creating your reality, by integrating the two forces:

  1. Remember it is of your potential to create a new type of experience and expression of self
  2. Observe your thoughts and reality objectively and disidentify with that which doesn’t serve you/align
  3. Focus on and fuel positive-feeling and aligned thought and intention
  4. Feel into the vibration of already being that which you wish to be/feel/experience
  5. Observe your state project into the manifestation of your outward experience (and welcome it in!)
  6. Continue to move in the direction of your bliss and the higher vibration

The Union

Thought/intention/yang provides the direction, body/receptivity/yin receives the experience. This is the union of the two forces of creation, both of which exist within, and as you. 

Mastery and balance of the two, is mastery of Self.

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