Divine Healing & Guidance with Jarrod Bremer | Awaken Ep. 55

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What a conversation this was, and with what an incredible person.
I met Jarrod a few years ago, and the relationship that we have grown in this time from (literally) across the world, I think speaks volumes to the day and age we’re living in, and what’s taking place on the planet today. Whereas many may be telling the story of the worldly situation being one that is creating greater separation/disconnection, this has not been my experience, and is not the story you’re going to hear me tell.
I believe something else, and thus, am creating something else. I believe that we are coming together in unity, that humanity is on a positive trajectory, and that we shifting back into harmony with the planet – I believe in Us. And I know that Jarrod does too.
And Ascenders, this is someone I think you’re going to want to listen to as he shares his experience. Because, the incredible work this man is doing for this collective, and the way that he is so deeply committed to service to the All, is absolutely inspiring. This is a man who has done and is doing the work, and a lot of energy is flowing through his vessel as a result. Jarrod has taken on approach of “extreme surrender” to Spirit/service, and it it’s clear to me that this is working out for him.
The growth, the power, and bliss that is felt being shared by him, I believe is here to serve as as a powerful reminder for us all. I’ll let the conversation (and the imbued activation) play the part that it’s here to play, but I’ll sum up some of what you’re about to hear him with this: it’s time to reclaim our sovereignty, our greatest experience and power is accessed through surrender, and we’re being called to step out of old ways identities into something new.

In This Episode Jarrod & I Explore:

  • Jarrod’s role in and experience with doing energy work and clearing the collective trauma residing in the grid and Mother Earth’s chakras
  • Reclaiming our sovereignty
  • Jarrod’s experiences with taking on an attitude of extreme surrender to service
  • Getting in touch with the higher guidance, intuition, and inner voices
  • Feelings into “truth bumps” in the body, and programming yourself  to receive messages from your Higher Self
  • Stepping out of time and into harmony
  • Letting go of old identities and stepping into something new
  • an important conversation about food and aligning with what’s right for you
  • the dawn of A New Age

Our Guest: Jarrod Bremer

Jarrod Bremer is the Founder of Divine Healing And Guidance with Jarrod Bremer. He has been the author and co-creator of his own reality since 1986, and has reached a high level of mastery across many life times, making his gifts and healing abilities in this incarnation somewhat wizard like. He is an Energy Alchemist, a Master
Healer, Professional Shadow Dancer, Grid Worker, Light Bearer and Activator.
Jarrod is living his soul’s purpose and is in full alignment. Fulfilling his mission in transmuting
malevolent, lower density and old karmic energies, and successfully bringing through light and
anchoring in the New Earth Grid.
When Jarrod is not removing ancient darkness from the planet he enjoys his down time by
bringing in more light to the planet, oh and eating cake. He loves cake.

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