Embodying Your Greatness with Amanda Pham | AWB #77

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There’s a greatness within you. When you discover it and then you let it radiate into the world, so much will come from this for you and all those around you.
Here’s how you will embody your greatness.

In This Episode Amanda & I Explore:

  • What your ‘greatness’ is and why it’s your responsibility to find and let it out into the world
  • Why you shouldn’t be concerned with if others are sharing a similar message or doing similar work as you
  • Amanda’s experience with embodying her greatness as a new coach, and how she has been able to do so
  • 4 steps for discovering your greatness

Our Guest: Amanda pham

Amanda helps woman feel radiant again. With mindfulness and self-care practices, she guides others back home to themselves.

With her help in addressing the 3 pillars of mindfulness, movement, and nutrition; the woman that she works with discover new levels of self-love and confidence with themselves, their health, and their bodies.

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mentioned in this episode:

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