Embodying Your Highest Available Timeline with Zoe Davenport | Awaken Ep. 62

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What an epic transmission this was.
Zoe Davenport is doing some incredible work helping leaders and co-creators of the New Earth with embodying their highest available timeline. She teaches an approach of embodying the frequencies of Unconditional Love and Pure Joy, that opens us up to the Divine Inspiration to create, to serve, and play.
Her embodiment of this type of energy can easily be felt through the words she speaks. It was an absolute blessing to have her share this with us on the show.
So if you’re ready to be supported in embodying your highest available timeline, join us for this episode of the Awaken Podcast with Zoe Davenport.

In This Episode ZOE & I Explore:

  • embodying Unconditional Love and coming into vibrational alignment with pure joy
  • using the breath; our most powerful tool for transmuting dense energies and limiting beliefs
  • embodying our highest available timeline and anchoring in future versions of ourself
  • bringing coherence between body, mind, and heart to experience quicker manifestation, greater well-being, and clearer messages from Source
  • letting go of the mental patterns, rules, and spiritual dogma to become in-tune with our body and shift into vibrational alignment
  • how quickly things change when we come into alignment
  • living beyond fear, trusting, and not being afraid to f**k up
  • expanding our aura through being in and deepening our telepathic connection with nature
  • a bit of Zoe’s epic story of coming into trust, and living a life of Divine play and contribution

Our Guest: ZOE Davenport

Zoe Davenport is the founder of The Haven Collective. A high-frequency container for creators of the New Earth Paradigm. Light leaders who are coming together to amply the field through the potency of collective group consciousness. She is a gifted Multi-Dimensional Channel, Psychic Visionary, Energy expert, Author, Speaker & Coach.
Her gifts started at a young age, often communicating with the deceased, star beings & spirit guides she had a powerful awakening in 2008 and has never looked back.
She is here to activate leaders to their full potential through her online DNA Activation containers, online courses & private mentorship for deeper quantum acceleration.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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