Energy Update: Exploring Dark Night of the Soul

Energy Update: Exploring Dark Night of the Soul

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As we exit 3D consciousness and make our way through the 4th dimension of time toward the 5th dimension, we often, as a rite of passage, go through an intense DNA shift. It is where the majority of our healing crisis’ take place, as the cellular memories and ancestral lineages associated with the 3D carbon-based DNA get transmuted, as a way of making room for the 5D crystalline DNA to activate. 

Even in the title, dark night of the soul, it reminds us how even the darkest and most desperate experiences that seem lightyears from our highest reality, are of the soul, and thus, are only here to help us. Because the shift from 3D to 5D is a transition from combativeness to cooperation, our time spent in dark night of the soul is where we surrender to being the most cooperative and supportive to the most defiant and combative aspects of self. It is where we meet the feisty and fiery parts that don’t want to be told what to do, and instead, are ready to be seen and heard — no matter what it takes to get our attention. 

In dark night of the soul, we are emptying out the density of our 3D cellular body, which occurs through the recalibration of the nervous system. In most cases, in order to inspire the nervous system to empty out the layers of density that are ready to be healed, we undergo the process of being emotionally triggered. While it is a lovely ambition hoping to go to energy healers to release emotional density, so to transcend the need to be triggered by others, it is a way in which the spiritual ego attempts to do its inner work, while attempting to save face and maintain a positive image to those around them. While no one enjoys being triggered by others, or even acting out of character whenever our nervous systems get ignited by people, places, or things, it is an evolutionary process we all undergo that cannot be shortcut in any way. 

Part of the reason for this process is to cultivate an equal depth of humility to our expanding awareness. When awareness is more expanded than our humility, we know it all, but are out of touch with the emotional significance of our human experience. Equally so, when our humility is more expanded than our awareness, we tend to take on other people’s experiences, while feeling afraid of life, and unsure about ourselves. 

As strange as it may sound, dark night of the soul acts as the great equalizer, ensuring we cannot merely spiritually out-think our way into more desirable experiences, when the purpose of life is to be equally wise, heart-centered, grounded, authentic, and honest about our experiences. In dark night of the soul, the layers of shadow, or the aspects of light that don’t know themselves as the light, arise to be embraced as equal forms of divinity, no matter how they act, think, speak or behave. Even when shadow manifests in the bodies of others, we certainly don’t have to spend intimate time with those who disrespect our light or disregard our personal boundaries. And yet, it can all be done in the name of love by honoring their divinity as we bless their journey while moving in a more supportive direction. 

Even though dark night of the soul appears to be the most darkened parts of the human psyche that demand attention, while fearing the love it truly desires but doesn’t feel worthy to receive, because everything is divinity in form, the shadow is also a double agent for the light. The role of the shadow is to act out in reactive, emotionally-fueled, non-spiritual ways to help us confront any spiritual judgment, so to help make our most loving response an instinctive reaction to any negative thought, personal struggle, or emotional outburst. 

As dark night of the soul empties out the cellular body and deconstructs the spiritual ego, we are literally turned inside out, either as a result of facing an internal whirlwind of psychic storms, or in the aftermath of repetitive loss and unexpected changes in our external reality. 

While the majority of you reading this are learning about a process you’ve been in for quite sometime, many are still at the tale end of this process. I call this tale end or grand finale of dark night of the soul, “the final battle”. 

It is where every pattern of sabotage, fear, negativity, sadness, apathy, and anger of the old paradigm gives its one last shot of trying to turn you away from the light by making it seem like too much to handle, hoping you’ll shut down to preserve the old from dissolving. Because dark night of the soul is also a double agent for the Universe, “the final battle” acts as a fierce stage of initiation where we enter our full and complete alignment of the light by daring to choose the light, no matter the risk or cost. 

It might even feel like the sky is falling or the world is falling apart, but when you know choosing the light is the theme of completing “the final battle”, a deep heartfelt surrender is given permission to awaken within and transform our reality from the inside out. 

To assist in completing “the final battle” and bringing dark night of the soul to an end, please read silently or outloud the following statements of acknowledgment:

“I accept that I have entered dark night of the soul, as a crucial milestone of my evolutionary process. Whether entrenched in fear, afraid of the world, withdrawn from life, exhausted, fatigued, uninspired, unable to sleep, or emotionally triggered by the egos of others, I accept each of these symptoms are a part of a deeper process underway; where my cellular body is emptying out and recalibrating my nervous system to embody the awakening of 5D crystalline DNA. During this process, I will face anything and everything that binds me to the survival patterns of human behavior, as a chance to offer forgiveness, love, and light to the most unrecognized parts of self. In doing so, I offer love to the parts that have never been loved, allowing all aspects of self to align with the light already awake within me. 

I accept that even though the light of divinity is already awake within me, my role is to help spread it out and expand it throughout my being by offering love to the parts that may act unloving that desire love while being afraid of the love it desires. I also accept that I am only motivated to act in a way that confronts my deepest and most subtle spiritual judgments, as a way of cultivating a level of humility equal to the expanded wisdom I seek and embrace. In knowing it is so, I accept dark night of the soul as a double agent working on behalf of the Universe, ensuring my purest alignment in the light is complete as I move into the paradise of 5D consciousness. 

To complete this phase and bring “the final battle” to a triumphant conclusion, I allow all outdated 3D patterns of struggle and survival, including all addictions, fears, judgments, limiting beliefs, cellular memories of neglect and abuse, throughout all incarnations of time and space, along with all imprints of pain, persecution, betrayal, abandonment, victimhood, heartbreak, misfortune, self-doubt, inner criticism, torture, as well as moments of violent or untimely death to be cleared out of my energy field, returned to the Source of its origin, transmuted completely and healed to completion now. 

As of this moment, I surrender fully into the light, calling my light into all aspects of my being, guiding me forward into the direction of my soul’s destiny, as I allow my words, behavior, choices, and actions to demonstrate the truth of my light in action — no matter how others shall be. And so I am reborn as the eternal light I AM.”

As dark night of the soul comes to an end, we inter into the integration process that moves us into the awareness of 5D reality. While 5D reality is already here, we are only aware of living in such a heightened dimension based upon how much our soul’s vibration has been awakened and integrated into our physical body. 

This is why my energetic transmission has become so potent, powerful, regenerative, and rejuvenating. While the energy I channel clears, activates, awakens, and transforms what is ready to be resolved, it also integrates instantly, so you can have the most joyful and nurturing healing experience available.

May we take the time to love ourselves more, instead of less, seeing through the veil of duality to embrace our innocence of heart as a rapidly awakening world. 

All my love. All is love. All for love
Matt Kahn

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